Darkness to Light – What is going on?

We all know what Darkness and Light are. We have been told from being small children about Darkness (or Evil) and Light (or Goodness). And yet, we were all living in a time where Darkness had 80% of the power in our world. Think about that. That explains why our political leaders were liars, self-serving, and did what the Elites told them to do.

Today, we have started moving into a place where Light has 80% of the power. That is how to describe what is happening using our legacy concepts. This is why the People are rising up and throwing our Permanent Political Class (of all parties) into panic mode.

Readers of this site know that I write about Left- and Right-Spinners. We all know about how water drains from sinks and toilets; in the Northern Hemisphere, it is counterclockwise (or to the Left) while it is Clockwise (or to the Right) Downunder.  These are both energies that we have not been ready for; they are both vortexes. For those of us who are tuned into vortexes, there are famous places to go to experience them, like Angkor Wat, Sedona, Tibet, and others around the world.

My point is that these are new forms of energy for most of us. We experience them all the time in the form of thunder clouds and sunny days; thunder clouds spin Left like Tropical Storms, Hurricanes, and Typhoons (Northern Hemisphere) or Bermuda Highs. Low-pressure weather systems spin Left while high-pressure spin Right. This holds true down to the atomic level. Yes, it is the reverse in the Southern Hemisphere.

So, now we are in Aquarius energy. Is there something brand new? Yes, we are now ready to start using Left- and Right-Spin energies consciously. What we used to call Darkness, we will call Left-Spin and what we called Light will be Right-Spin.

Is that all? NO. All of us who have driven a car, truck, ship/boat, or airplane know about the concept of Neutral; to get to forward gear you must get it out of neutral, and the same for reverse gear. We have known about these concepts for 1000s of years; Armies advance and retreat, but technological advances have brought these concepts to nearly everyone.

Neutral is a new concept for most of us. In electricity, it is either positive or negative; that is how everything in our wall sockets, batteries, computers, and cell phones work. We tend to dismiss neutral as something not important, but if you try to put your car in reverse when you are moving forward, your transmission breaks. Most of us have automatic transmissions to minimize this problem.

In this Aquarian Age, Neutral will be much more important. Darkness and Light will become much less important and will be replaced by Left- and Right-Spin. But, both spins are part of a new power called Neutral. All of our technologies over the past 300 years have come from Majikal overlapping energies from Aquarius as we got closer and closer.

Whoa. Stop. What does this mean? For those who have put themSelves on the NewBeing path or have put themSelves into a Cube/Hexahedron, they will be able to access the Neutral powers of both Left- and Right Spin, but also of Neutral. If you look at a circle there is a North Pole (0/360°) and South Pole (180°). OK. What about East (90°) and West (270°)? They are both in-between. One is neutral leaning Negative (180°) and the other is neutral leaning Positive (360°).

I write about Majik. It has been suppressed for 1000s of years. The Elites used Magic all the time to create wealth and power; they told us that it did not exist and most of us believed them. Majik was only 20% but is now 80%. Another name for Majik is Neutral (the 90 and 270° positions in everyone, thing, and place).

Being a Newman or Newoman is something brand new (since 2002). I have written about NewBeings getting additional capabilities/powres; all of these will be coming from using the Neutral powers described above. Being a NewBeing or Newman is an advancement over being Human. Humans will still function in the world of Darkness and Light, but not Neutral. Light will have 80% of the power but will have all of the limitations of the past. It will still be much better than it was when Darkness had 80%.

Today, I am providing more information on how things will work in the future. Wrap your minds around the flows of energy from North to East, East to South, South to West, and West to North; they are all different and you can do different things with each of them.

The five-letter words are still the power words and APPLY is still one of the most powerful of these words.

Bottom Line: Technology can also be called Majik, but both of them are based on the force called Neutral. For the first time, Neutral is a force that we can begin to use to do many new and different things.

To find out more about Neutral, go to my other blog. Periodic Table and Electron Rings

Love, Light and Laughter,


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