How does Darkness Work?

I’ve been writing about the Light taking over for a while, but what does that mean?

To help you understand, I’m going to give you some examples of how Darkness works.

Let’s go back to World War II; many of our parents and grand-parents fought in that war. There was a huge advancement in that war; it was called Penicillin and it ushered in the concept of healing our bodies with something we now call pharmaceuticals or Big Pharm. Penicillin was a refinement on something natural, like aspirin; it was based on simple bread mould.

Remember, Darkness is all about fear, force and control. At the end of WWII, our medical establishment went through a huge change; the embracement of Big Pharm and drugs to treat all of our symptoms of dis-ease.  The story line is that all of that Research was very costly and that is why the drugs were so expensive. The other big change in medicine was the concept of Insurance; this became necessary because the drugs were so expensive.

So…What did insurance do for us? It kept driving the cost of medical treatment up and up; all you had to do is pay your co-pay and everyone else made up the difference.  That worked for decades until your insurance deductible became so enormous.

How is this Darkness? One of the most fearful things we have is being sick and needing help to get well.  What Darkness did was to take that fear and build a system that did not get us well, but treated our symptoms to make us think we were getting better. What else? We felt that we had to buy the insurance and pay for all of the drugs and many of us started paying much more for our health; some even had to choose between the expensive drugs and food or rent. The Government is behind Big Pharm telling you that you must obey and abide in this system.

OK. What else? College Loans; this is classic Darkness at work. Take what some think is essential to get ahead in our world; a college degree, and set up loan programs that essentially enslave an entire generation of young people.  This is the “company store” routine all over again, but perpetuated by our Government. You can borrow much more than you can afford, but you cannot repudiate your debt through bankruptcy; you have made yourself into a slave. But, this time, it was the Government policies that were supposed to help you that did the harm.

How about welfare and food stamps? Here, there is fear about not having enough money to live or eat. Here Darkness has given you money to live, eat and you get more money to have more babies that you could not afford in the first place. Again, you have been made dependent on the Government; you have enslaved yourself. Oh, it’s not so bad; you do not have to do any work or take responsibility for yourself, but you have enslaved yourself.

There are many more examples, but they all have one thing in common; they are all based on fear and use force to control you; Darkness is Big Government.

So…Light is taking over. How? People are beginning to see that Big Pharm does not work and that having a College Degree is not worth the enslavement. There are better alternatives readily available; all brought to you via the Internet (of the Light).

What about the people on welfare? What about the freeloaders? As Light takes over more, their safety net will have bigger and bigger holes and they will have to get out there and scratch for a living like everyone else.

My last example is politics. Most politicians are also lawyers and both are universally looked on with contempt and very low expectations; we all know that politicians are corrupt and refer to them as crooks.

Look at what is happening in the US Presidential contest; Bernie is not really an outsider, but he is far more outside than Hillary.  Then, there is Trump; a true outsider who has used the corrupt politician system to his advantage. Because they know this, they are fighting him with all of their strength.

What about Cruz? Yes, he is a first-term Senator from Texas, but who put up the money and organization to elect him? Answer: the Bushes. Is he bought, or what?  He is just another politician with his hand out.

My point is that without Light taking over, Trump would never have had a chance against all of the politicians be they Governors or Senators.

Oh, by the way, the only Right-Spinner running is Trump; all the rest are very Dark, Left-Spinners.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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