The Pleiadians are already Here

The Pleiadians have been here, on Earth, for the past 200 years; they are integrated into our populations. They look like white Europeans or Americans or Canadians or Australians or New Zealanders.

The Pleiadians have what they call the Federation of Planets and, yes, a Starfleet Command. There are seven Human-inhabited planets in the Federation; we would be the eighth, when we are allowed to join.

The reason that the Pleiadians are so interested in us is that much of our culture and technology is similar to that of the Pleiadian planets. About 3,600 years ago, Starfleet Command put 50,000 Warrior-Colonist down on Earth in what we call Europe. Europe was largely depopulated as it was the home of the Neanderthal peoples who were destroyed by the Annunaki in their zeal to make the most intelligent slaves in their genetic hybrid programs. To find out more about the Annunaki, read Sitchin’s series starting with the 12th Planet.

We are in the 9th Universe or the outermost Universe on one of the arms of the Milky Way. The Annunaki came here, in their mobile, scout Planet, from the 8th Universe. They were conquered by another race of Reptilians, called the Reptilian Overlords who look a lot like Raptors in the Jurassic Park series. Yes, the Annunaki have the technology to move their entire planet around like a spaceship and their world, Nibiru, is in orbit around our Sun out beyond Pluto.  We call it Planet X and there is a NASA probe going out to it, you know, the one that just photographed Pluto.  It is so cold on the surface that far from the Sun that the Annunaki live in the interior of their planet in the hollow sphere; we have a similar space that some call the Hollow Earth.

Anyway, the Annunaki have used up all of their gold and diamonds to get here; the technology to move their planet uses up gold and diamonds. They came into this part of Space and found the Pleiadian worlds which were, of course, inhabited. They also found Earth which was also inhabited, but only by Primates in a primitive state.

They sent a courier ship back to the 8th Universe to tell their Reptilian masters of their find; 8 planets that could be conquered and turned into Reptilian planets.

About 10,000 years ago, the Reptilian Overlords arrived into our area of Space and immediately attacked two of the Pleiadian Human planets. These planets were largely unprepared for an attack and fell to the Reptilians who went about exterminating Humanity on them as a source of food.

This caused the other five planets to band together and fight back. The Pleiadians were peaceful, but were not in a primitive state; they had many forms of advanced technology and were operating in Space.

In subsequent, epic Space Battles, the Pleiadians drove the invading Reptilians out of the Pleiadian system except for their two captured worlds and a base here on Earth. About 4,000 years ago, the Pleiadians attacked and destroyed the Reptilian Hives here on Earth. There was one in Europe, North America, North Africa, West Australia and one under the Ice in Antarctica; all were destroyed except the one under the Ice.

Thinking that the Reptilians were destroyed, the Pleiadians put down a colony here in Europe. Diplomacy reared its ugly head and the Reptilians offered a Treaty of non-violence and both sides accepted to prepare for the next battles. This Treaty made Earth a neutral zone that neither side could interact with; of course, the Reptilians knew that they still had a complete Hive operating on Earth.

Cut off from their Space brethren, the Pleiadian colonists degenerated into tribes based on their planetary origin and warred amongst each other until modern Europe was formed.

Meanwhile, Starfleet Command kept a flotilla of ships here in our Solar System to keep an eye on Earth; the ships operate in an orbit out beyond Neptune and they have a base on the dark side of the Moon.

About 200 years ago, the Pleiadians detected the Reptilians here on Earth as they expanded again into all five of their Hives. The Reptilians were responsible for all of the Plagues in Europe as a form of bacterial warfare.

Immediately, Pleiadians Intelligence Operatives began interacting again with their peoples and helped us with the expansion of steam, and then, internal combustion technologies. Much of our basic technologies have been given to us by the Pleiadians, but much of our current technologies have been invented here, especially digital communications, computing and the Internet.

By 2011, the Reptilians were ready to come out of their Hives and conquer Earth, but were waiting for word on the success of their attack on the Pleiadians. This attack was defeated and the Earth-bound Reptilians could not hope to defeat the forces of Earth and the Pleiadians without air and space superiority.

The Reptilians went back to a waiting mode and cut their warrior force from 5 million to 50,000 per Hive. The Pleiadians learned about their foe along the way; the Hives were all ruled, totally, completely by their Queens and Sub-Queens. This rule was so complete that each Reptilian had to receive a wireless, mental command to eat before they could do so. This is a wonderful way to get rid of all of those unneeded warriors; just do not tell them to eat.

While the command and control structure of the Reptilian Hives grants total control and very focused operations, it also has a great weakness; what if an enemy could jam the command and control frequencies of the Queens and Sub-Queens?

That is what happened to the five Hives in 2011; the Queens and Sub-Queens were jammed and, essentially, no one got the command to eat (or feed the Queens) and all of the Reptilians on Earth starved themselves to death. This was the ultimate in Cyber Warfare; the enemy was destroyed without a shot being fired. No one in the militaries of Earth was aware of this desperate struggle at the time, but the militaries of the world are busy exploring the under-Ice Hive in Antarctica now.

This same approach was used in the liberation of the two captured Worlds; the Reptilian Hives did not know what hit them and again, all of the Reptilians starved themselves to death.

OK. Now, the Pleiadians and the peoples of Earth can relax, the war is over? Not so; the Reptilians do not know of their great weakness and have many more ships in-route to conquer this Galaxy/Universe.

So…Now, we are all caught up on what happened (viewed from 50,000 feet), but what next? What now?

Starfleet Command knows that the Annunaki are scouts for the bad guys and have prevented the Annunaki from coming back to Earth. The Pleiadians know that the Annunaki are enemies, but have not figured out what to do about them. How do you destroy a dominant race on a planet or within it? They did get some lessons from the extermination of two of their planets.

Equally, the Pleiadians know that the Annunaki were here on Earth for nearly 50,000 years and had an active civil war between two Royal brothers for 35,000 years. Also known is the breeding of slave armies to fight the battles. These slaves are a mix of Primates and the Genes of the Annunaki to include mental control and Hive adaptation genes.

These slave peoples have enemy Reptilian genes and cannot be allowed to leave Earth and mix with the Pleiadian peoples. This is a huge problem for the Pleiadians; what are they supposed to do?

Maybe, the transition of Darkness to Light will solve their problem for them.  All of the slave peoples of the Earth have genes that focus on an orientation on fear, force and control; all of these slave peoples are at least 60% Dark.

Who are these slave peoples? Answer: Everyone except the European White Pleiadian Warrior-Colonist stock. Are there exceptions? Yes, do to mixed breeding, many people have a combination of European and other racial heritages. The primary question is whether the Reptilian genes are active or not.

OK. Got it. Tell me more about the Pleiadians who have been here for 200 years. Were Ben Franklin or Nicola Tesla or other famous inventors Pleiadian? No, but they were probably mentored by Pleiadians or had a direct connection to Spiritual Creativity.

So…How did the Pleiadians help us? With Military technology? Yes. With Communications technology? Yes, particularly with HF and FM.

What about computers? Do the Pleiadians have computers? Yes, but they are all analog computer that use what we call “Russian Math.” Digital computing is something invented here and the Pleiadians are intensely interested in what we have come up with.

They are so interested that they are using our idled manufacturing plants to make laptops, tablets and smartphones by the thousands to get this technology out to their Starfleet; digital computing and high bandwidth communications are force multipliers for their warfighters. What we are doing with our fly-by-wire airplanes, drones and smart bombs is also of intense interest.

Again, the Pleiadians are integrated into our societies and have been for 200 years.  It started out as a way to help us get up to speed quickly, but now, they are learning from us and using our technologies in every way possible. They realize that we should have a place in their Federation of Planets, but cannot move in that direction until the question of the slave populations is resolved.

Light is taking over and getting stronger every day. The Dark peoples of Earth will be forced to leave over the next three (3) years.

Soon, Earth will be allowed to join the Pleiadian Federation of Planets.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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