How is our World Changing?

There are more than 500 thousand people who have become NewBeings; Newmen and Newomen. What does that mean?

They have gone through the Guided Meditation on this site. They have re-configured their energy centers or Chakras in their Inner or Secret Hearts. They have begun the process of moving beyond Human into Newman. The Guided Meditation has been shared 1000s and 1000s of times; it is very powerful Spiritually.

OK. Say there are just 50,000; what then? There are more than 66,000 subscribers to this site, so it is reasonable to use 50,000 NewBeings as a baseline.

We are in new energy. We are seeing it change things all around us. The old dominant energies of Fear, Force, and Control are losing their MoJo; they aren’t working anymore. Even where they are, they are provoking massive outrage and, soon, massive blowback by the awakened citizenry. Does anyone think the Tyranny being displayed in Canada is, somehow, going to be rewarded by the people? Payback at the ballot box is coming, if not before. The old Fear-based solutions are not working for much longer. Just think about the penalties being imposed on the Truckers and they continue with their protests against the Vaccine Mandate. Most countries of the world have already seen the Light and dropped the Covid BS. Obviously, to the Elite, this is an insurrection; their power is being challenged by the masses. Cannot have that!!!

A chord has been struck and the entire world is rising up against the Tyrants. Guess what? Our Permanent Political Class is terrified; they see another French Revolution happening to them. They are increasing their security and getting ready to flee to their hidey holes, but can they trust their security staff? Has the shift happened too quickly and gone too far? Unknown to them.

Magic is a form of power that has been used in our world for Ages; our Elites have been using it to acquire wealth, property, and political powers for 100s of years. Many of the same families have been ruling us for generations spanning many lifetimes. THEY have been telling us that Magic did not exist; only for show and most of us believed them. Question: How does one become a $Millionair? That is too difficult for most of us. A $Billionaire is 1000 times a $Millionaire. No one can wrap their mind around that much money and how much it can buy. Do you think that anyone can become a $Billionaire without using Magic? The answer is NO.

So, THEY have been using Magic to control us for more than 10,000 years. Is it any wonder how fearful our world is now? OK. Got it. Has anything changed?

YES. This year, 2022, is the first year of a major energy shift. January was the initial ramp-up of this new energy. February is a continuation of the ramp-up, but with more power. The ramp-up will be complete by the end of March. It used to be that THEY had 4/5ths of the Magical power in our world; that explains everything, doesn’t it? Now, they only have 1/5th (20%); their world is falling apart.

Oddly enough, with this energy shift, Light and Right-Spin energies have gotten the 80% share (4/5ths); this can be called Majik. Same useful powre, but cannot be used to compel. Spelled differently with different, more loving properties; more freedom, truth, choice, goodness, etc. As I have written elsewhere, technology is just another name for Majik; if we were to time travel back 100 years with our cell phones we would be called Aliens and be greatly feared.

This new energy is very different from the old energy; we will all be able to do most things differently. Many of those new ways will be better as they will be coming from more freedom, choice, truth, and love (much less fear, force, and control). Just think, this new energy will no longer support the concept of MANDATES of any kind. Big Government coercion and limits will be replaced by reasonableness and choices. Our representatives will no longer be corrupt, dishonest thieves spending most of their time lining their pockets and doing the bidding of the corporations and Elite class.

I know, mankind does not change its spots. That has been true for 10,000 years, but the energies have changed. Mankind will be ruled by Women in this new energy. Just imagine how that will change our world alone. But it gets better; this new energy will no longer support the concept of credentials or joining the right club or party; everyone will be supported in going their own way. The individual will be supported more than the collective; Individua rights will trump. This gets back to the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights (Individual).

The old energy was male-dominated and everyone had to follow the herd, flock, or school for safety; if you left the collective, it was frequently deadly. That entire approach is no longer supported. Wow!

New Beings are new. Newmen and Newomen are new. Fire Beings have never gotten to Vertical Master, Horizontal Master, or Mahatma before. There were no Earth Being before. This path is a new path; just since 2002. This is not accidental. It is all part of the PLAN.

Normal Humans will be able to use this new Aquarian energy to do many things they have not been able to do in the old energies. NewBeings will be able to do much more whether they are advanced Fire Beings or Earth Beings. Everyone will be able to tap into Majik and do Majikal things; how we grow food or catch fish or tend our livestock will change. How we treat each other will change. How we learn and heal will change. How we do business, banking, making things, selling things will change; over the past two years, all of these have changed already, massively. Get ready, more huge changes are coming.

The old ways of doing things have been based on the old energies; they no longer apply and will fade away sooner than we think and in more ways than we can imagine. We all know about people who can foresee or foretell events or who can move things with their minds or bend spoons; these have been rare.

In the new energies, these and others will not be so rare. People will find that they can do many things, with some intent and practice, mentally. They will be able to move things, fix things, make things grow faster, heat things up or cool things down, start fires, teleport things and/or people, fly around like Superman. How about replicating something mentally and sending it to yourSelf; need a quart of milk or a dozen eggs? How about that car part for those who can’t fly (yet). Yes, what about money? It is going to be an interesting world.

Remember, dishonesty and corruption and taking what does not belong to you will not be supported in this new energy. Being a gang member or bandit or thief/embezzler or any kind of crook will not be supported. Just imagine, most politicians will no longer be supported.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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