Its Noisey, but the Old World is Collapsing

Russia, Russia, Russia. Canada, Australia, New Zealand, China/CCP, Israel, Germany, Belgium, France, Austria, and more are all experiencing massive protests; the people have had enough and have begun to say “NO”, loudly.  It has also been happening in the United States but is about to get louder. The Tyrants are ratcheting up their responses, but that is making everyone even madder; it is not going to end well for THEM. This is the darkest part of the night, just before dawn.

As I have written, Russia is not going to Invade Ukraine. Ukraine is a nation of 45 million people. If the Russians were to try to take over and keep Ukraine, it would take a 2 million man army and would be a quagmire. Russia does not have that and their population of young men of military age will not support it; Putin cannot afford even 10,000 casualties. If he can keep Ukraine out of NATO and make it more respectful to Russia, that will have been worth the costs of the military buildup/threat. Same for Romania, Poland, and the Baltic States, but his threats have revived NATO and are pushing Sweden and Finland into the Alliance; not what he wanted. Europe will have to spend much more on defense; the US is, already obvious to many, withdrawing to the North American continent. Free trade and Globalism are dead and will not be revived. Trade will no longer be free; the shipping lanes are being abandoned by the US Navy. The number of US Allies will drop to less than 10, perhaps as few as 5.

People are astonished about Canada; the tyranny is over the top.  Wonder why? The Deputy Prime Minister Freeland is the Grand Daughter of the Director of the World Economic Forum (WEF); think Davos and their Great Reset. Trudeau is just a puppet creature of theirs. The Globalists almost pulled it off, but EVERYTHING is falling apart; they are getting desperate. The common man (and woman) were rising up and derailing the plan; not just in Canada, but everywhere.

China is a failed state and does not have to be considered in this discussion; it cannot keep the lights on or feed itself and everything is bankrupt. Corruption is out of control. The Davos types are losing $Trillions in China; wonderful.

This is all happening from the massive energy changes happening on our planet (actually in our Solar System and beyond). It looks very dark now, but the energy shift has just started and will be accelerated throughout this year. By this time next year, most of us will not recognize our world; it will change for the better that fast.

Please do not dwell on the negative or fear images being pushed by the Lame Stream Media and the Elites. Fear has been their method of control; reject it. Don’t watch it or listen to it. Get the news feeds that you want; there are alternatives out there.

Unfortunately, the Elites are pushing hard for a war; Biden is their creature as well. It is not going to happen; the energies no longer support it.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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