How People are Leaving

Look up Demographics on YouTube. You will be alarmed to find that most populations in the world are very old. Over the past 30 years, during the massive growth in Globalization, populations moved from the countryside into the cities. Yes, there was massive economic growth, but urban populations have far fewer children. The result, nearly everywhere, is not enough young people to replace people who are retiring and/or dying. This is true throughout Europe (and Russia too). This is especially true in China; one-child policy. The United States and Mexico are exceptions; lots of young people coming up.

So, over the next 20 years, half the population of the planet will be leaving normally/naturally of old age. That will be boosted by the millions who have gotten vaccinated/boosted with the Covid jabs; it is turning out that there is a signature of the jabs in autopsies; there are rubbery clots in large numbers. Many, many people are dying from these clots, but this information has been hidden.  People die from clots all the time, but not caused by the jabs/boosters; this is a mass murder with the complicity of our governments/elites. There is a reason so many of you totally refused to get jabbed or boosted; your Inner Being was screaming at you to avoid them.

Those who did get jabbed/boosted will be getting these induced rubbery clots and will be lucky to survive for the next two years (5 maximum). This will apply to children as well; we are already seeing their sensitivity.

So………., what I am saying is that this energy shift has already started removing the hard Left-Spinner/Dark oriented people in large numbers. Remember, these people are oriented towards fear, force, and control; they tend to do what authority figures tell them to do. And, they tend to get outraged at those who do not comply; we have all felt that.

This is even before the large groups leaving in the Earth Changes that are coming. We are already moving into a Mini Ice Age which will cause mass movements of people to escape the cold and seeking greater food security.

The Great Departure has already begun. It will accelerate. In the end, only three out of twenty (3 out of 20) will survive. That will be enough to start the repopulation of Earth, but it will be a very different Earth; much more freedom, good choices. truth/integrity and individual rights (the collective will crash and burn).

What about our civilization? Will it survive? Will we still have electricity and computers and the Internet? Will we have enough energy, food, and shelter? Yes, yes, and yes.

What about the predators? They will be mostly gone and will be easily managed. I recommend watching the 5 Laws of Stupidity on YouTube; the 15% left will be mostly Intelligent; the hapless/helpless, bandits and stupid are leaving. There are many more stupids than most of us realize; they are the ones who screw things up for everyone without benefiting themselves.

All of the technological growth of the past 100 years has been a prelude to what is coming in the new Aquarian Age. All of the survivors will have Majikal Powres that will change how we do everything; some will have more (or even much more) than others. So, yes, our civilization will expand in ways that we can not imagine.

What are these powers? Here are some words to think about; visioneering/manifesting, teleporting things, replication, making things bigger or smaller, making things heavier or lighter, being invisible or undetectable, making yourself bigger or smaller (shapeshifting), flying around in an energy suit, jumping or self-teleportation, and more. Is the world going to change? Yep.

Among the survivors, most will be women. Only about 5% (or 1 in 20) will be men. Women are planners who think ahead. They are nurturers. When pressed, they work together better than men. Will our civilization change for the better? I think so.

Being a man in this new world will be interesting; huge changes in our expectations. Women will be dominant in numbers and in the background energies. All of the survivors will be getting much longer lives in youthful, healthy bodies. Children will become rare and treasured by all; if we are going to live lives of 300-500 years or more, we do not need many replacement generations.

What I am saying is that we should not be concerned about what is coming and how it is coming. For the survivors, the new world will be very, very different.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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