What is Russia doing? This rings true

I keep being told Internally, that Russia will not invade Ukraine. And that China will not or can not invade Taiwan.

I just watched this video which rings very true.  I highly recommend it to all of you.

Yes, Russia has a lot of oil/gas wealth, but it is all controlled by the Oligarchs.  As far as GDP, Russia is in the middle of the pack of European countries; it cannot afford a long war with the West.

All of this threatening posturing has been all about getting Europe, NATO, and the US to negotiate on Russia’s security concerns. The Polish Gap and Ukraine have been the primary lanes of invasion into Russia for the past 1000 years.

Unfortunately for the Russians, they are having a Demographic bomb exploding; they do not have enough young people to keep their system going. Remember, it takes 30 years to make a fully productive citizen. Russia will cease to be a major player in the world within 15 years.  This is also true of China and many of the European countries. Hungary, Poland, and, even Russia are taking steps to change this; they are emphasizing religion, marriage, having multiple children, and even buying first homes for those who do.   More of this needs to be done throughout Europe. The other thing all three are doing is to halt immigration, especially by the non-Christians (Muslims). Religion, culture, and traditions have all become the primary drivers for the rise in Populism throughout the world; this is all opposed to the Globalist push for immigration and one-size-fits-all approaches.

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