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Most of us know that we are energetic beings walking around in a physical body; especially readers of this site.

So…We are all taught in school that we have cells and nerves and blood and organs and bones, etc. They even have a fairly descent understanding of how these all work and interact with each other.

What is not understood well is that all (each of) these physical components have an energetic component attached. As an example, you are working on your tan. You are laying out in the sun and the rays are making you red. Most of us do not worry about the red; it turns brown and we get the tan we were looking for.

This is what is happening in this situation; our bodies are taking in the ultra-violet light as heat and that gets converted to Inflammation. What does the body do with Inflammation? It is a form of energy that has come directly from the Sun.

The body knows what to do; it attaches the Inflammation to a physical component within the skin. Call this a Brown pigment; it is what we call getting a tan. Some of us have fair skin and do not tan well; genetically, we do not have a lot of this brown pigment.

So…what happens over time? The marriage of the energy, the Inflammation, and the physical component, the Pigment dissolves and you lose your tan. As long as you are getting the heat from the Sun, you will continue to create the conditions for more tan; an energy storage device for inflammation.

This is a fairly benign place for Inflammation to be stored. What about other places the body puts Inflammation? Say you get bumped, bruised, or cut; the body puts Inflammation around that event. It creates swelling and signals the body to send healing in the form of more blood.

We all know that we stop the bleeding and put cold compresses or ice on the swelling. The cold drives the heat (Inflammation) away. So, at some level, we know we are dealing with energy. Just as we all know that when we get too heated from exercise, we find a place to cool off. Air conditioning is wonderful for cooling off, but then, so is shade.

My point here is that our bodies are energy machines. We take energetic inputs from our surroundings (temperature, wind, moisture), impacts, food, drink, drugs, and pain/pleasure. The first three are easy to understand, they are mostly energy coming at us and we adapt. Food, drink, and drugs are already energy in a physical form, and we process/digest them to get the goodness from them.

We tend to think of these items as the source of calories or protein or carbohydrates or fat or physically altering chemicals. All of these items have an energetic component that we totally ignore; well most of us.

So, the default is that we eat, drink and be merry and the body will sort it out. We either wake up with a “hangover” or ‘sleep-in” beyond our normal time to wake. This is the body handling the energy part; it is there and most of us do not handle it well.

Some of us have learned over time that we could address some of these energetic impacts by programming ourSelves to wake up without a hangover or process the alcohol faster or to be a “happy” drunk. What I am saying here is that all of us have many more choices than we know in how we deal with the energy components in our lives.

I am just going to address the energy we get from eating our food. We all tend to eat several time a day and think of it as getting the necessary fuel to power our bodies. The same can be said for our coffee and sodas; they are often thought about as “pick-me-ups.”

What if……….you could ask you mind if there was any extra energy that you could use for other things? What if you were told that there is a large amount of extra energy available and were asked how you wanted to use it?

Wow. What other things could you use this extra energy for? There are many options. You can keep the energy internal and use it to increase your alertness, increase your awareness, expand your sense of danger, make you a better programmer and open yourSelf emotionally or become a better empath are just a few. This is an entirely new take on Self-Improvement; it is actually taking some available energy and using it purposefully. In your conversations with yourSelf, you may want to find out if there is a priority to do first.

What about using this extra energy externally? Yes. Everything external to us is based on programming within our bodies; we are the walking-talking biologic computer that everything we create emanates from.

So, Yes, you can use this extra energy for more money, success, sex, a job, a promotion, a new partner or a better relationship. You may have to address (reprogram) your existing programs first.

Hay, you are the Operator, System Administrator and Programmer of You. By talking to yourSelf, you are getting the “buy-in” of your Guide. If your Guide will not go along, you will be told. You can even ask your Guide to help you delete/modify your programming.

Many of you have tried this in the past. Remember everything has layers. Once you finish in one layer, ask if there are more to do. It is not normally “one and done.” One of the themes of this site is that we are in new energy; that will also play a big part in our future successes.

Bottom line: we are all energetic beings in bodies. We get/take energy from the elements around us, our food, our drink, our pleasures (lots of good energy), our pain (not so good, but important) and our altering substances. There is a lot of energy that we have that we are not using. I highly recommend that you start using this “EXTRA” energy for things that you want.

This too is leading to becoming a more Conscious Creator.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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