Trump Will Win Huge

And So Will the Rest of Us

Why am I writing about Politics?

Simple. Trump is a hard Right-Spinner. He is a disruptor to the existing World Order; the Globalists and Deep State. He is their Destroyer!

How Big? Because the people are not liking the Globalist CCP Virus lock-downs, the Tyrants/Democrats are going to be punished. This will be true in Europe as well.

Let’s start with the lock-down States. They will all vote many more anti-lock-down politicians into office; that means, mostly,Republicans. This will apply to both the US House of Representatives and the US Senate. Trump will gain control of the House and gain seats in the Senate.

In New England, Trump will win New York, Massachusetts, New Hampshire and Maine. In the Mid-Atlantic, he will win Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina. Trumps wins throughout the South (yes, Florida and Texas). In the Mid-West, Trump wins in Ohio, Illinois, Wisconsin and Minnesota and everywhere else leaning Red. Trump wins Colorado and New Mexico. Trump wins Nevada.

What does that leave for Biden? California, Oregon, and Washington State are a toss-up. Trump could win all three. Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut, Vermont, and Rhode Island are also in-play, but will probably go for Biden. But, Trump could run the table and get every state.

After all the votes are counted, Trump will have a lands-slide victory in both the popular vote and in the Electoral College. 270 is needed to be elected President and Trump will have around 400 (or more).

The people are speaking very LOUDLY. This whole idea of a Globalist/Davos/Deep State Reset is being Shut-Down in the United States. Trump has cut taxes, massively cut regulations, sent investment money into the Inner Cities, pulled out from the Globalist Trade Deals and the Paris Accord, and brought back/is bringing back manufacturing. All of this was going against the Globalist Plans. Trump is going to Take-Down the entire Central Bank Structure (yes, the Federal Reserve (Fed), the ECB, the IMF, the BIS, the Vatican, and the Rothschilds) in the World.

Unfortunately, the Globalists are still very much in-charge in Europe. It is they who are pushing the Lock-Downs so hard. They realize that they have lost their position in the United States. Trump has moved the Fed into the Treasury and controls it. The Banksters’ only hope is to bring down the entire Global Economy (with Lock-downs) hoping that Trump’s Make America Great Again collapses with it. This is not going to be likely.

Trump keeps saying that 2021 will be an incredibly good year for the United States. Why? Because he had decoupled it from the Central Banksters. He is piling on the debt to the Central Banksters and will engineer a crises where they will have to declare “Bankruptcy.” Remember, they are a private corporation and can do so. Just imagine, 25 $Trillion being wiped off the books in one court case.

In Europe, everything is still very, very Globalist. The taxes haven’t been cut. The regulations are being piled-on. The trade is very protectionist. And, the manufacturing has all been shipped to China. With the CCP Pandemic, some of it is coming back.

The UK seems to be, finally, breaking free from the EU. It is still struggling with the Globalist controls but looks like it is making many positive changes, especially in trade agreements with the Commonwealth and the United States. The EU cannot fund itself without the City of London which it has lost control over. The requirement for all 27 countries to be unanimous in giving up more of their sovereignty is not working out. Germany does not want to keep paying for everything, Italy (and Spain) want more free-bees, and Poland and Hungary will not trade their sovereignty away anymore.

The Globalists wanted to break down the borders and eliminate National Sovereignty. They brought millions of Muslims into Europe to destroy the culture, history, and religion of Western Europe. This has failed miserably. What we see now is the Muslims realizing that the slow take-over phase is over. They do not have any choice; they must push hard for their “revolution.” They have made great progress in the imposition of Sharia Law, but they are still too few.

Now, their violence will beget violence. Soon, it will be too late for the moderates to save the situation. All Muslims in Europe, including in the UK, will be, increasingly, considered to be an “enemy” population that will never adopt Western Civilization. Their religion forbids it.

This has already started in France and the Globalist President, Macron, is trying to save himself by getting out in front of it. The people of Europe will raise themselves up and expel the Muslims out of their “No-Go” zones in the millions. This is not going to be pretty. Atrocities will be delivered by both sides and the middle ground will totally disappear. The majority will impose its authority and drive out the minority. It is going to be a long, cold winter and a miserable time for mass fleeing. Look for the militaries to be involved; massive force will be used.

This mass expulsion of millions will break the European Union apart. Open borders will be denied to millions of Muslims and this will spill over to others.

This is being signaled by Trump’s election again. He is going to make a deal with the UK that destroys the EU Trade Monopolies. Couple that with the new EU Funding issues; the EU will be collapsing soon. Italy will exit rapidly; within 18 months (or sooner). Greece, Spain, and Portugal will be forced to follow. That will trigger the departure of Finland, Denmark, and Sweden. Poland, Hungary, Austria, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic will not be far behind. This is the end of the German Fourth Reich.

Actually, the EU could collapse financially in the next 90 days; the Euro could be toast as a monetary unit. This would allow each country’s treasury to control its own currency. This would be a huge blow to the Central Banksters. Sound money could begin to break out all over.

Why are the Globalists losing so badly? Go back 100 plus years with the creation of the Federal Reserve (and the income tax). The Banksters had been in charge of Europe (the Rothschild Empire) since the 1700s. They tried to grab control of the United States with the 1st and 2nd Bank of the United States. They were partially successful when they established the US Government Corporation after the Civil War, but had to wait until 1913 to gain control over the money. The US Dollar is an instrument of debt; it is a Federal Reserve Note.

Their timing was great. Soon after seizing control of the US, their system of Private Western Central Banks (private corporations, not governmental) was spread throughout the world. This system of theirs, what is it? Debt. They loan money to the governments of the world in return for interest payments. The governments had to come up with some way to pay the interest so they imposed income taxes. This is a massive system of corruption where the Banksters buy all/most of the politicians and bureaucrats; hence, the Deep State.

Soon, sound money (Gold-backed) had to be gotten rid of so that more and more fiat money could be lent to all of the countries. This led to more and more people having to work two jobs (husband and wife) and the explosion of credit and credit cards. Now, most people of the world are enslaved to this massive debt system, Trouble is, productivity does not increase with increased debt; the interest payments take over.

The world is ensnared in DEBT. It owes so much money to the Banksters that it cannot afford to pay for basic services to its people. The Banksters (IMF, World Bank, BIS) will lend more, but demand austerity. That means less and less money for the people.

Economically, this system must be collapsed after about 40 to 50 years with war. Debts are written off and the game is restarted. Now, Europe is too mired in debt; there are no increases in productivity coming to save it. Unfortunately for the Banksters, there is no war on the horizon; Putin is talking and working with Trump and China is a mess and would not last long.

What to do? Bankster digital currency whether it is IMF or EU. This will be fiat money “printed” by pushing a button. It will not hold its value over time; that’s called inflation. This will give the Banksters total control over whatever economies adopt it. They will be able to monitor everything bought and sold and who you are, where you are, and how much you have. This is just like what is happening in Communist China; yes, they did their prototype there. The Banksters will be able to “turn off” the money instantly. Now, that is CONTROL.

Yes, you will still be able to barter, but the surveillance systems will expand.

This is all about Fear, Force and Control. This is all about the ascendancy of Darkness. Guess what? That Age is gone. We left Pisces at the end of 2012 and will be fully transitioned into Aquarius by the end of 2021.

We are far enough along in the transition that Darkness is losing all of its major battles. Brexit happened three times, Trump twice, the EU is collapsing. The CCP is collapsing into floods, famine, and economic depression (and there is the Quad).

Light and Right-Spin energy are in the ascendancy; they are taking/have taken over. More and more women are the leaders in everything. In Aquarius, women will dominate. Everyone will have the energetic support from the Universe to do their own thing (up to a point). Bottom line: there will be much more freedom of action. You will not have to stay with the school, flock or herd for safety or survival. New ideas and ways of doing things will be tried and expanded rapidly.

Politically, there will be a return to customs, traditions, culture, and thought patterns that we have been comfortable with for 1000s of years. The old divisions between Labor and Capital were created by the Banksters. The new issues will revolve around the collapse of socialism; again this was created by the Banksters. Everyone will be, increasingly, forced to carry their own weight. The world has begun to run out of other people’s money.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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