How to Become One with God/Divinity

Big topic. I hope I will do it Justice.

In my last post, I wrote about Meditation.  I wrote about poping through the corner point or going to the center of the cube to find the Still Place. Think of a pair of dice; go to the center of a die or just look at the Home Page moving symbol again.

Once you find the Still Place, just say to yourSelf, “Remember this place!”

What is the Still Place? It is the place where you are one with God/Divinity, but first, you must make it a Still Place. We tend to bring a bunch of thoughts and emotions with us when we get there. You can choose where your Still Place is; mine is a mountain stream down a deep ravine.  There is a flat place next to a deep pool of water. I create a pile of small stones, medium stones, and large rocks. I cannot communicate with Divinity until the voices of thought and emotion are “stilled” and I attach each thought or emotion to an appropriate stone or rock; many of the emotions are large rocks. After a while, everything is Still and I can communicate with God/Spirit directly.

This Still Place is also called the Zero Point Energy or ZPE, the Zero Point, the Zero Frequency, Nothingness or Not. All of our thoughts, issues, limitations, conflicts, programs, and emotions (All) do not have a place here. This is also the corner point or the center of a cube.

I have been going to this place for years. Each time, I clean or clear mySelf of unwanted/unneeded thoughts and emotions. Then I can ask about anything and I write about it. I did not realize that I could do a Deep Clean and just addressed enough to Still my Mind.

One of the many things I have asked about involves a more efficient communications channel between the Divinity and me/I. As Humans, we are always shaking our heads up and down in agreement or side-to-side in disagreement (Nods and Shakes). This is Divinity trying to talk to us, but most of us do not listen. I asked if it was OK for me to tune into the Nods and Shakes to get yes and no answers? Divinity was pleased and said, Yes!!! This can be a tiny, imperceptible Nod or Shake that no one but you can discern. Or, it can be a loud Nod or Shake.

What I did not understand, for all of these years, was that I could get rid of unwanted programs that no longer served me at the Still Place. Wow. I could have asked the Divinity to erase, wipe or flush programs, health issues, money issues, partner issues, or anything, but I did not know and did not ask.

So, recently, I read a book called Zero Frequency by Mabel Katz; get it on Amazon or wherever. This cleaning/clearing of programs that no longer serve you is all about your Subconscious and cleaning out memories of significant emotional events from your life and even, your ancestors. I spoke to my Subconscious for the first time in my life (that I was aware of); his name is “Little Man” and he likes it. These programs will keep sabotaging everything you do until you work with your Subconscious and Divinity to clear them.

Zero Frequency and another book called Firth Phrase by Joe Vitali are all about Ho’Oponopono. These books are well worth the time and money to read. When you get to that Still Place and everything is “stilled,” you can tackle any problem or issue or conflict that you have by using the following Mantra (in any order): I’m Sorry, Please Forgive Me, Thank You and I Love You. This is the essence of Ho’Oponopono.

These phrases tell the Divinity to clean or erase whatever issue you attach them to. They are free to use and attach them to all of your problems – Big and Small.

Ok, what else?

In Microsoft Windows 10 desktop, there is a well-hidden White Board app. Go to the bottom “Taskbar” and  Right Click it. Select Show Windows Ink Workspace Button.  A Windows Ink Workspace icon will show up next to your sound and Internet icons in the lower right. Left-click on this new icon and the White Board app will come up. Click on it to open it.  Wait for it to load. Create a canvas, select the “A” to input text. Write on your Whiteboard; list your problems, issues. concerns, conflicts, etc. Select Menu and hit clear Canvas. Now you have sent all of those issues to Divinity for clearing; right on your PC for free –  already included in Windows 10.

Here’s a suggestion.  I got a Nod from Spirit that I could use the Whiteboard to input my issues. I documented that agreement on the Whiteboard. I got another Nod that the Whiteboard was a tool that I could use. I was being crystal clear. I then went to Menu and Cleared the Canvas. I think I made this Whiteboard (or any other) a tool for clearing stuff for all of us.

As I was playing with this new tool, an image of a toilet flushing came to me; it flushed to the right (RightSpin) what fun. I told a friend and she told me about Mabel Katz’s app on the Google Play Store. It is entitled, “Ho’Oponopono” and is around $3 USD. It is a game that allows you to flush (to the right) your issues away (it has several methods). This is an unpaid endorsement; I have it on my Android phone. Note: I will not have an Apple product – way too Dark/Left-Spin.

Anyway, I am a new proponent of Ho’Oponopono and I have mixed it in with my previous approaches. Please consider reading both books mentioned above. Again, this is an unpaid endorsement; I have read both of them on my Kindle Cloud account.

I was definitely Guided to Ho’Oponopono and these books and tools. Enjoy!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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