Happy Easter and an Improving New Year

This year Easter comes on April 4th or 44. I have written about the importance of the number 5 (really 14) and, recently, about the number 3. Both 3 and 5 are Creator Numbers meaning that days that add up to 3 or 5 are days that we can create on. 2021 is a 5 year; that means that every day in 2021 is a Creator Day.  We just left March (3) and every day in March was also a Creator Day.

Why is 3 a Creator Number? We live in a 3-Dimensional world; height, depth, and width. Look at any corner and you will see three different 90º angles (but that relates back to our 3D world. There are other “3s”. If you are a Fire Being (that’s all of us); the symbol is a Tetrahedron. Another way to describe this is to make a teepee out of 3 equal triangles (the 4th triangle is on the bottom). Tetrahedrons are made from 4 triangles; there’s more 3s. Any fire requires air, fuel, and a base to burn on; can’t burn on damp ground. In math, we have the X, Y, and Z axes.

Anyway, the point is that both 3 and5 are Creator Numbers. So May and December are also Creator Months. When you add in the 3 Creator Number (to the 5), we can all create about 2/3s of the time. And yes, November is a Master Number month.

Alright, what about 44? It is a Master Number like 11, 22, 33, etc. On Master Numbers, we are allowed to “run” or “execute” or “make it so” or “do it now.” We can create some very complex creations and hold them in readiness.  Every month has at least 3 Master Numbers; the month number and same-day number (1/1, 2/2,5/5, 12/12), the 11th, and the 22nd.

The 3s, 5s, and Elevenses are all important when we Create consciously.

What about the Rest of the Year?

We are in the last year of Transition from Pisces to Aquarius. That means that Darkness got 10% in January and February (for a total of 20%). Light got 10% as well in January, February, March, and now, April (40% and growing). Over the next four months, Light will add 40% more.

If you notice, the Great Reset plan is falling apart. Everyone is questioning the need for the masks at all and if the masks are actually being harmful to many. Yes, millions of people have been vaccinated, but about 80% of the people either can’t get a vaccine or don’t want it. It is now dripping out that the vaccines may not be safe; after all, they were all “experimental” and brought to us as a “RUSH” Job. The Deep Staters want us all vaccinated and to carry Vaccine Papers; they will try, but there will be too much resistance.

My point here is that Light now has twice the power/powre of Darkness and will be getting much more quickly. By September, Light will have four (4) times the usable power/powre of Darkness. DARKNESS is on the losing side!

Everywhere you look, Darkness is losing; the EU, Brexit, the US Border Mess, our Incompetent President/VP, the start of collapse for many of our tyrannical Governors and China. It started flooding in China last summer and it is still flooding. They have had a winter without heat (for their homes and factories). This is the country that will take over the world? Not.

You will see a clear shift in the loss of their Deep State (DS) agenda(s).  Now, that everyone is seeing how well the UK is doing after it left, many of the EU 27 are looking to leave as well. The UN and the WHO have been unmitigated disasters for the past year or two. Do we, most of us, really care what they are planning, hatching, or talking about at Davos or anywhere else? The Deep State looks like they are back in control, but look what a mess they are making of everything. The Deep State Media have lost the people and make it worse every day. This all tracks back to their amount of power; they cannot keep attacking with only 20%. They have already lost the war and don’t know it.   

Financially, pull your money out of the banks. Go on YouTube and search for safe places to hide money. Be creative. The coming collapse of the Derivatives will have the banks seizing anything over 10,000 at first, but will continue taking down to 1000. Oh, they will give you junk bonds (worthless) in return. If you are in Europe, where is the EU going to get the Trillions of Euros that it needs? Frankfurt? Not. Switzerland? Not. The Germans may be the next one out as they do not want to fund the bailouts.

The Banksters can either give us Hyper Inflation or Hyper Deflation. When the Derivative Balloon pops, we will have massive deflation. The currencies of the world will, likely, return to the buying power of 1900 (think $1 in new, Gold-backed Treasury bills will buy what 40 $1 Federal Reserve Notes (FRN) buy now). Another way of looking at it is that a new $20 bill will buy what $800 FRN buys now. For those of you who have United States Dollars, get rid of the $50s and $100s; you will only get 10% of face value when you try to exchange them (if you can exchange them at all).            

I recommend that you keep your USD in 5, 10, and 20 dollar denominations; you will have a better chance of exchanging them for new dollar bills/notes at face value. How this is going to work outside the United States is anyone’s guess. In the US, it will be likely that $20 bills/notes and below, will be exchanged at face value. This means any cash that you have in 20s, 10s, 5s, and 1s will be exchanged for new bills/notes that buy 40 times as much.  Coins will retain their face value, but will buy 40 times as much; that Quarter will be worth $10 FRN. Silver and Gold will go to 40 times higher as well (likely). Those old rings will really be worth something.

The Euro will collapse and disappear instantly; no one will take them anywhere near face value. German, Swiss, UK, Australian, and US currencies will be what everyone wants. Japanese Yen and Russian Ruble money will be the second tier. In spite of lots of distrust, the US Dollar, as a Gold-backed Treasury Note, will continue to be the World Reserve Currency.               

Germany has already printed the new Marks; look it up. Deutsche Bank will dissolve into nothingness at the start of the crash. Many other large banks will follow. Move your money out of the large banks and into the smaller, well-run regional banks or at home with you.       

We have all lived with constant inflation for more than 100 years. The Central Banks built in a 2% per year inflation; over the past 25 years, our money has been devalued by 50%. One Dollar USD in 1913 is only wor $0.04 now (4 cents) in buying power. Is this Central Bank inflation going to continue? No, the Central Banks (Private) will be busted up. Our Governments will print their own money and use it without interest. Interest rates will go down to a maximum of 7 percent or lower; Usury Laws will be brought back. Our new Gold-backed money will hold its value for decades. Savers will be rewarded again.    

That 400,000 unit will be worth 10,000. That 100,000 car will be worth 2.500. Or something like that. The cost of everything will drop drastically and so will the cost of labor (salaries/contracts).   

When is this coming? The Derivative Bubble can pop at any moment. The EU is doing everything it can to make Britain fail; it’s not working. Where is the EU going to get its financing? They have run out of money in their budget and do not seem able to get the Trillions needed for the Covid Relief. The Germans and Dutch are pushing back and are not likely to fund it.  China is a mess and has been in slow-motion collapse for decades. Again, it could happen at any moment, especially if the Dam breaks. Those are the two most likely ways for the balloon to pop, but there are several other “X” Factors. Notice the increasing EarthQuake activities and the coming Solar Minimum/Mini Ice Age.

Just as the Germans have already printed their new Marks, the US has already printed its new Gold-backed Treasury Notes. If Biden had not stolen the election, Trump may have flipped the switch already. Biden is a very deep Deep Stater and will not do anything to harm the Banksters; the collapse of the EU or China will force his (shakey) hand.     

Get into cash, buy silver and gold, buy reserve food, water, and something to heat your home. It’s not going to be the end of the world, but it is something to get prepared for. Link up with like-minded people, everything will be easier that way.    

The world is changing for the better!   

Love, Light and Laughter,


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