How to Manifest

We all come here without an Instruction Book. We arrive and get nurtured, or not. Regardless, we grow and learn and expand our Boxes with growth and experiences.

We have all heard about creating things with our minds. It’s simple, just Manifest it! Right!?*

Most of you are Right-Spinners; otherwise how did you find this site? As Right-Spinners you were born that way and had a lot of Light. Darkness, being in charge, set limits on what you could do in this life. One of the most significant limits placed on you was to restrict your ability to Manifest.

On a scale of 0-9, most of you are going to be at 1 or 2 in your ability to Manifest; it does not work so well for you.

Go back and read the Home Page again. To Manifest, as Fire Beings, you must use Creation Days (the number 5 or 14 in various configurations). You must wait a few more days; you can release your limits in November 2020.

Why then? We are in a transition from Darkness being in charge to Light being in charge. This transition will be completed by January 1st, 2022. We started on December 22, 2012 and it will take until December 21, 2021. Yes, it takes 9 years to complete the transition and yes, we must wait for the next year (next appropriate energy envelope).

For whatever reason, we can all release the limitations that were imposed on us before we were born and after, in November 2020. Don’t believe it? Fine, carry on. But if you know you are limited, clear it if you can.

To release your Manifest Limitation, do the following. Wait for the next Triple Creation Day; the next one is 11/8/2020 or 11/17/2020 or 11/26/2020). These are the most powerful Creation Days. Go to your “Secret” or “Inner” Heart. You can get there by following the instructions in the Transform YourSelf – Guide Meditation page. Once you are in your Inner Heart, just tell yourSelf that you want to go to the “Control” Room and you will be moved there.

The Control Room is the place where you can establish new programs and delete old programs that no longer serve you. There is enough Right-Spin energy that we can draw on (in 11/2020 also 11/22 also 33 also a Master Number) to make programming changes.

Once you get there ask the question about where you are in various areas of interest using the 0-9 scale. You may find that you are limited in more things than Manifesting, like health, success, money and relationships/sex. You are in the Right place to make changes. You will have to ask your Self about how fast to get more. Some may zoom to 9 immediately; others may have to go to 3, then 5, 7 and 9 in different stages. It may be different for each category of interest. Whatever it is, it will be worth coming back again. After you make the first changes, you may be able to come back to make more changes on Double 14-days like 11/12, 11/21 and 11/30. However you chose to proceed, recommend fixing your Manifest first. And….ask if you can do more. If you don’t ask, they can’t say Yes.

So…What happens when we can Manifest? We are in the most dense part of creation; we are in the 9th Level down from Spirit also known as the “Hard.” When we create anything (when we are allowed to), it is created first in the space above the 9th level. That 8th level place is called the “Forms” World. Whether we are creating money, success, health, happiness or more/better relationships/sex, it must be created there first.

So. For Fire Beings (we are all born as Fire Beings), the creation takes up to 72 hours to be created in the Forms World. As we get better, the creations get faster and can be created in 36 hours.

OK. Why so long? Everything take time. We all know that. Besides, the Universe always gives us a chance to change our minds/creations. Sometimes, we want to make it better and other times we want to cancel it/them.

So…We can create something and a day later think it is not possible or that it is never going to happen or get here. Guess what? That is a cancellation message.

Wow, so most of us “kill off” our creations anyway? Yes. Can this be fixed? Yes, when you are creating set up a Conscious Kill Switch where you must decide to consciously change or kill your creation. I wrote the home page to tell people how to consciously create; this is more on that instruction manual.

Again, the idea is to begin to Consciously Create. That means using Creation Days and setting the Conscious Kill Switch. No more unconscious self-talk destroyers of our creations.

So… When I change my creation does that restart the time clock? Yes and no. If you change the creation within 6 hours, everything can adjust. Any more than 6 hours, it must be restarted.

OK. What happens when the creation is completed and ready to be sent down here? Two things happen. The first is the Universe checks to see if you have limited yourSelf or been limited and how much. The next thing involves Energy Envelopes.

I referenced this above. Everything is energy and we, everything here and around us, are slowed down energy. What are Energy Envelopes? The most basic is a second, then a minute, than an hour and then a day. These are useful to us to regulate our waking hours, sleep, meals, etc. The next level up is more useful to the Universe; things can happen between weeks and on certain days like business days or on the weekend.

The most powerful energy envelopes for Spirit are months and years. I am telling you to wait until November; that is the next Monthly Energy Envelope. 2021 is the next Yearly Energy Envelope. Universe cannot give us big changes unless it does so in Monthly or Yearly increments. Think about it, almost all of our milestones are several months or years away.

What I am saying here is that even the Universe is limited in how it must deal with us. It cannot give us what we want instantly; everything has a timing that is, usually, longer than we want.

Alright, we are not limited and have an appropriate energy envelope to put the creation in. How long to get the creation down into our realities? For Fire-Beings look at 36 hours. As we become better at this, it can be realized in 18 hours.

So, we can create just exactly what we want and the Universe must give it to us (as we demand)? No. We ask for more and the Universe decides how it is going to give it to us. As Creators, we must learn the ebbs and flows of the supporting Universe. We must learn how to tamp down EXPECTATIONS and Allow things to happen when they are supposed to. We can change that curve with our Manifested Creations; be patient, confident and hopeful.

A great question to ask is, “Am I where I am supposed to be?” and “Am I with the person that I am supposed to be with?” and “Do I have the resources that I am supposed to have?” and others that check your current status. So, if you get an answer that indicates change is coming, that is a great heads up.

Always remember to say “Thank You” for whatever you have. Believe it or not, YOU have put yourSelf there.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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