Importance of the Creation Number

On my Home page I write about the number 14 or 5. In addition to the six instances of the number 5 within our bodies (hands, feet, torso, and face), it also applies to our teeth; we are born with 32 teeth (there’s that 5) and then, we lose our “wisdom” teeth and end up with 14 upper and 14 lower (there’s that number 5 again).

Let’s take it in a different direction. In the United States, we still use the English Colonial measurements of inches, feet, miles, and temperatures in Fahrenheit (F). Why would this be so?

When water freezes, it happens at 32° F. There is that 5 again. When water boils, it happens at 212° F (yes, that 5 again). How about steam? It too happens at 221° F.

So…. If Spirit was actually behind the creation of the United States, it would probably want us to keep using measurements that were based, at least in part, on the Creation Number. There are never any coincidences.

I am an English speaker. I have some French from my teen years and a tiny amount of Spanish and German. I tend to think in English. Today, I spent some time thinking about and making a list of 5 letter power word to illustrate the incredible power of the Creation Number in our lives.

Here is a list of the Power/Powre Words that I have come up with. It is not all-inclusive and I am sure that I have missed many words.

Adapt, Adept, Adopt, Adult, Agent, Allow, Angel, Angle, Angst, Apart, Audio, Awake, Aware, Beach, Began, Begin, Being, Blind, Birth, Black, Block, Bound, Break, Bring, Build, Carry, Catch, Cause, Chain, Child, Choke, Chose, Climb, Close, Colon, Could, Court, Dealt, Death, Demon, Diner, Doing, Drive, Drill, Drink, Earth, Eight, Ember, Empty, Faced, False, Field, Force, Freed, Fresh, Funny, Giver, Gland, Glass, Going, Great, Greet, Happy, Heart, Heard, Heavy, Honey, Humor, Issue, Knife, Large, Laugh, Lease, Legal, Level, Light, Limbo, Limit, Loved, Lover, Lucid, Lunar, Magic, Majik, Maker, Match, Merry, Might, Moist, Money, Month, Older, Organ, Paper, Place, Plant, Point, Power, Powre, Print, Ready, Revok, Right, Screw, Seven, Shall, Share, Shave, Short, Sight, Slave, Sleep, Small, Snare, Solid, Sound, Space, Spell, Spent, Spoon, Stand, Start, Steam, Steel, Stood, Storm, Sunny, Taker, Thank, Thick, Thing, Think, Three, Thumb, Touch, Truth, Venus, Water, White, Windy, Witch, Woken, World, Would, Wreak, Write, Wrong

5 Letter Words that did not make my list above.

Ankle, Belly, Booze, Brass, Broil, Broke, Crass, Craze, Crazy, Dried, Drunk, Elbow, Exist, Farce, Graft, Grain, Grill, Heist,  Human, Rough, Shark, Snail, Steal, Stock, Sugar, Teeth, Theft, Tooth, Widow

My point is that 5 letter words are the most powerful action words that we have. This is not an accident. All of these words have creation power attached to them. Recommendation: Start using these Creation Words as part of your Creating.

We are all born here as Fire-Beings. All of us can use knowledge of the Creation Number to create our world in a Conscious Manner. Unfortunately, most of us create everything unconsciously.

We wonder why we have good days and bad but do not take the time and effort to use the Creation Number effectively. If you have gotten this far, go back and reread my Home page to understand how to use Single-, Double- and Triple-14 Days for your creating. Also, see my recent post on Manifesting.

To being a Conscious Creator!!!

Love, Life and Laughter,


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