How to Teleport; one of our new powres

In an earlier post to spoke of Orbing; that was the wrong terminology.  The correct terminology is Teleporting. Orbs are creatures or beings that have been put there to help us kinda-sorta like horses, but that is the subject of another post.

Ok.  Here is how anyone teleports or moves themselves to a distant location mentally, instantly.

There is a principle that is known in some esoteric teachings, called Meeting at the Half-way Point.  Whenever you look at something near or far, whatever you are focusing on is a projection that is meeting your projection at the half-way point.  This is true for vision, sound, smell and touch.  The same principle applies to taste, but within the mouth.

Here is a great way to practice and build confidence in mastering your Half-Way-Point Projection.  Stand in front of your bathroom mirror; you know the one you brush your teeth or shave or put make-up on.  Whenever you stand in front of this mirror, or any other mirror, you expect to see yourself as a “mirrored” or backwards image.

Now, you know that is your image being reflected back at you.  What if, because you now have some majikal powres, you can stop the projection of your image.  What would happen?  You would be standing there and there would be no reflection; you now know how to make yourself invisible.

This same principle applies to the sound of your breathing and your scent.  It even applies to the projection of your body heat; those IR sensors would not be able to pick you up if you were not transmitting your Half-Way Heat projection.

Ok. You all have your homework assignment: learn how to control your Half-Way Point projections.  It will not be as hard as you imagine.

Next.  We are going back to the visual Half-Way-Point (HWP) projection.  Now instead of standing there in front of your bathroom mirror and being there or not being there, I want you to visualize a location that you want to teleport to.  It could be the Eiffel Tower in Paris or the Capitol Steps in Washington, DC; the trick is to create a HWP projection of where you want to go and then allow your half of the projection to complete the mental circuit.  Hey presto!  You’re there.

STOP!  There are precautions that must be taken before you start TELEPORTING.  First, you MUST create three different safe landing locations that you can get to if you get yourself lost.  The first one you create by standing in your bedroom or someplace you feel very comfortable with, and doing a 360 degree scan.  As you are doing the detailed scan, create the first safe landing place.  I have a safe landing place in three different geo-physical locations.

Ok.  Now you are ready to “pop” yourself wherever it is that you want to go.  Remember, you have already practiced on making yourself invisible.  Teleport yourself without transmitting your HWP projections.  Turn them on when you get to a place that is safe to do so.

Have fun.  Do not abuse your powres; you may lose them.  When in doubt, ask your Spirit Guide; you will get an answer, even if it is just NO or just Yes.

Love, Light and Laughter (LLL),


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