Now that the Light is in Charge, What Now???

Ok.  Today, Light takes over for the first time in 10,800 years.  This is the day that many of you have been waiting, patiently for, all of your lives.

The first thing many of you should do is to claim a large fresh water body as your money and success storage pool.  The Great Lakes cannot be used for this and Lake Powell and Lake Meade are taken.  Don’t think too big; a local lake or reservoir will be better because it is local.  Think about it; in the Dark old days, every rich man put a big swimming pool next to his house or upgraded to a house with one.  Fresh water is where we store our money and success energies.

I know Lightworker, you have been kept down in the weeds and do not have a swimming pool.  Think lake or reservoir, even if it is the place you went camping at when you were a kid; a pool may be too restrictive.

So why do we need to do this lake thing?  Many of you have wondered why, when you get a chunk of money, you, somehow, must spend it all and you end up living on what Spirit sends you every month.  Many of you worry about where the next money is coming from; even though it comes every month.

The reason why we cannot save anything and must piss it away is that we do not allow ourselves to save money or success.  I know; why we would do that to ourselves?  This is part of Light’s efforts to keep us safe from those with a lot of Dark Power; it was part of the plan to keep us down-in-the-weeds.  If we did not have money or power, the Dark forces would tend to ignore us and we would be safe.

Ok.  Today, you can come out into the Light; there is no reason for any of us to stay down-in-the-weeds.  The very first step, for many of us, is to claim an abundant place to store our money and success energies.  Do it; you will like the result.

Once you have money and success energies stored in your lake/reservoir, you can connect it energetically to your bank and investment accounts (when you get them).  How?  Visualize the connection; it is that easy.

How do you get Light to put money and success into your lake/reservoir?  Just by claiming one of these bodies of water for yourself, you are telling your Spirit Guide to send money and success.  Is that easy enough?

Now is the time.  You could not do this before.  Remember, you had to stay down-in-the-weeds.


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