Is Light really taking over? Yes!

Just look at the race to be President of the United States; the politicians are getting nowhere and the leaders are two outsiders. Do you think that this is somehow by accident?  Politicians are all Dark and very Left-Spin; they are always looking to scare you so that they can pass laws taking your freedoms away.

Throw the bums out is, finally, getting traction and guess what? The entire political class in every country is there to feather their own nests; these people are the most self-serving group of beings on the Planet.

Ok. What about the Muslim terrorists? They have, finally, unified public opposition in the West and, finally, are having significant military action taken against them. Obama is, increasingly, showing his Muslim stripes; it was his orders to go slow on ISIS.

So… What about Europe and all of those “refugees?”  Most of them are young men of military age and there is going to be a big uptick of turmoil/chaos as a result.  The politicians have let them in and will pay the price.  The people will rise up and throw the politicians out as well as the refugees; there will be a revulsion against Islam as a political ISM (Mohammedanism) and its requirement for Jihad and Sharia Law.

Is Islam a religion? Yes, but it requires its believers to kill or enslave non-believers and it requires a totalitarian Theocracy to be put in place over existing Western laws and civilization.  Does Christianity or Buddhism do that?

This whole notion that Islam is just another religion that must be given “freedom” to is nonsense (that word is no sense or makes no sense).  When enough Muslims group, they always demand Sharia Law, even over the host country laws.

I have written this elsewhere, but Islam is the Home Religion of Darkness.  What is Darkness? It is Fear, Force, Control, Destruction, Chaos and a determined resistance to change-for-the-better.  It is men suppressing their women; Men tend to be Dark or Left-Spin and Women tend to be Light or Right-Spin.

The Qu’ba is the Home of Darkness on this Planet; it is in Mecca and every Muslim must face Mecca and bow down at least 5 times a day to pray to Darkness.  When Muslims go on a pilgrimage, they must march around the Qu’ba 14 times in a counter-clockwise  or Left-Spin manner.

Right-Spin or Light energy started to rapidly grow in powre on January 1st, 2016.  By the end of May, it will be at full powre. Between now and then, many negative things will be happening to the Dark Powers that think they still rule.

Just so that you know, it is not just the Muslims, but all of our institutions and organizations that are based on Dark Power (Darkness has had 80% of the power for the past 6,480 years). Everything from Banking, Government, the Courts, Bureaucracy, Education, Medical, Insurance, and Business is all based on Darkness and will be dissolved/deleted or changed for the better.

For those who were born before 2013, far too many of us have chosen to come here oriented towards Darkness or Left-Spin.  That is normal as Darkness had 80% of the power.  That has changed and now, those Dark people (anyone with 60% Dark energy or more) will not be allowed to stay here.  How many will be leaving (dying)? Approximately 95 out of 100 Earth-wide, but in the US and Europe it will be about 67 out of 100.  Yes, that means that some places will lose 100%.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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