This is for Women Creators

So you want to or are having a baby. Once you get pregnant, it is a slam-dunk; everything is on automatic?

This is a belief that many of us have; once the fetus is created by the “Spark” of Life, the cells just keep dividing and multiplying and viola, a child comes forth out of the womb.

OK. That is true to a point. However, I talk about Creation Days on my Home Page; these are days that add up to 14 or 5. These Creation Days are the difference between “Good” days and “Bad” days.

All of us are created in the image of our creator; that is accepted dogma in all religions and, yes, it is true. If you think about it, it is not just that we look like our creator (yes, you Mom), but that we can also create.

Oh, you think I am only talking about procreating the species? NOT.

On Creation Days, we are allowed to create ANYTHING that we can imagine or envision or describe fully to ourselves or Grok (wrap our minds around).

So…If we can create anything does that mean money, sex, health, success? Yes, and they are all worthy of creating effort, but what about the supreme creation of every woman; her children.

On Creation Days, you women should be thinking about your growing child and creating the most beneficial outcome for your child.  Let me restate that, you want the Most Beneficial Outcome or MBO and you can create that on Creation Days.

OK. You have the concept of MBO on Creation Days; what does this mean?  Say you want a healthy, normal baby. OK, Create that. Say you want your baby to be very bright and do well in school. OK, Create that. Say you want your baby to be well adjusted and be successful in life. OK, Create that.

You don’t think of yourself as the Creator, but when you are making a baby, guess what, you are. All I am saying here is that you have a greater role in creating than you may have imagined.

So… To create means to Intend.  What is Intent? In simple terms, it is Focus and Willpower. To get better at Creating or Intending, we must work at making our Focus and Willpower stronger. Some of us have great focus and little willpower or vise versa; to be successful at creating/intending, we must be strong in both.

Start using Creation Days to make life better for you and yours. Make that focus stronger. Make that willpower stronger. Use Creation Days to help others; that kind of focused good will comes back at you in multiples.

Start Creating with Intent!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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