It’s been a while. This is a Status Update

First off, there are more than 87,000 subscribers to this website. Having said that, there are more than 5 million people who have put themSelves into the Cube/Hexahedron. They are all Earth Beings and got there via the New Being Path (Newomen/Newman). These Earth Beings are all on Earth. There are many more on other nearby planets; this Spiritual knowledge has been shared and has taken on a life of its own.

What about those of us who are still Fire Beings, but on the New Beings path.  There are around 50 million Mahatmas, 150 million Horizontal Masters, and 300 million Vertical Masters. So…..on a planet of approximately 8,000 million, we are a more highly advanced/higher vibratioin group of around 500 million (1 in 16).

I have written about 85% of the population (17 out of 20) having to leave because they had too much Darkness in their makeup. Light is taking over and will not tolerate so many strong in Darkness.  Good news,because so many of us have increased our vibrations and awareness, clemancy has been provided for those in the lower spectrum of Darkness. Formerly, 5% (1 in 20) were strong in the Light or Right-Spin and 10% (2 in 20) were in the middle (between 59% Dark and 59% Light). That 3 in 20 were going to be allowed to stay on Earth and continue their development.

Because of our success in building out our group, now, those people who are in the group of 60 to 69% Darkness will be allowed to stay (as long as they continue to move towards the Light). That allows an additional 20% (4 in 20) to stay. If you believe that we have 8 Billion people (I don’t), that means that 7 in 20 will be allowed to stay (not die). That is still a huge reduction in the Earth’s population, but the loss of people will go from 85% to 65%; now, it is only 2 out of 3 that will be leaving.

The Elites have been pushing their own agenda and have been working hard to get the planet down to 500 million as slaves to them; the Central Banks, our degraded education system, Covid, vaccines, masks, lockdowns, passports are all part of a coordinated bioweapon. You must also thhrow in the Green movement and Global Warming; as we are seeing now, this was always meant to kill many of us by freezing or starving to death.

What they did not realize is that a Shift of the Ages interferred with their plots. It is they who will be leaving along with all of thier followers. The poeple in the 60-69% group of Darkness are all good people who were oriented towards being fearful and being OK with being forced and liking to be controlled; most of these people are the salt of the Earth types. The fear, force, and control will drop to only 20% of the powre in the world. They will be able to feel and respond the 80% more freedom, truth/integrity, good choices, self-reliance/responsibility, and doing the right things.

Who knows. After we move into Aquarius in January, many of the people in the group from 50% to 69% will move quickly towards the Light. If that happens, some or all of the Dark people in the 70-79% may be given another chance. We all have choices; many have already been made, but others can still be made.

Note: The Dark Assholes in the 80% and higher will definitely be removed from Earth. We are all immortal Spiritual Beings and cannot die; we go back to Spirit and rest/recuperate before, eventually, coming back as a physical being on one of the millions of planets. There is Karma; I would not want to be one of these Dark Assholes. There next lives could be a real struggle.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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