Merry Christmas as the Old fades away

I am Spiritual, not Religious. I grew up celebrating the arrival of winter at Christmastime; it has always been a magical time of year. We celebrate the arrival of Christ (New Testament) in our world and the positivity of three months of winter beginning (and coming to an end).

We all struggle with the concept of Darkness and Light, Good and Evil, Left or Right, Man or Woman, or other binaries. The not-so-simple conclusion is that they are all bell curves’ there is always a neutral. But what does that mean? There is always a middle ground. Instead of a bell curve, think of a circle where the two binaries are at the North and South Poles (0/360° and 180°). Most of us can accept the notion of polar opposites, but what about the neutrals? At 90°, we have a neutral that leans toward the negative (180°, Dark, Left, Male, etc.). Equally, at 270°. we have a neutral that leans toward the positive (0/360°, Light, Right, Female, etc.). Other binaries are on/off, hot/cold, moist/dry, running/still, awake/asleep, and many more.

That is different information, but most can wrap their minds around it. Here’s some more; the North spins upward, the East spin leftward/Westward, the South spins downward, and the West spins to the right/Eastward. Wow, there are two different neutrals and they are equal (but, different) with the two poles. Isn’t it interesting that all four points spin differently? What does that do to our notion of electron spins? Think about it, when we travel, we chose which direction we go in. When we go East or West, we are choosing a neutral direction; what does that mean?

The point that I am making is that Neutral has become more important than the binary poles. We are all seeing that in the shifting ascension of women as our leaders and the breakdown of what it means to be male or female; many old protocols are being discarded as they are no longer supported by the new energies.

I really wanted to foot stomp that there are two Neutrals, not just one. Yes, I know, we only think we have one neutral in our cars, but that neutral is either leaning toward drive or reverse. So…. has our world become more complex? Or, are we noticing more?

Moving forward the binaries are shifting to the East/West Poles; this is a gigantic change for Humanity. Now, everything is a shade of Grey/Gray and we can drop/stop many of the programs we run in our lives, cultures, religions, politics, regions, and nations. etc. The big shift from 80% to 20% from Left- to Right-spin is still happening, but the polar shift is as well. It is going to take all of us a while to wrap our brains around that!!!

I’ll give you one more brain teaser. When the spin shifts from upward, to Westward/counterclockwise,), to downward, to Eastward/clockwise, it must go through a zero spin point. Could that be Zero Point Energy (ZPE)? If so, there are four of them at 45°,135°, 225°, and 315°). Do all of these have the same properties? Unlikely. Wow, the compass points just got a whole lot more interesting!

Again, Merry Christmas and a Blessing-filled New Year!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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