The Language of Light

One Earth, we have many languages and associated cultures. Some of these, like English and Spanish, are spoken by 100s of millions of us.

In other postings on this blog, I have shared ideas on the morphing of Darkness to Turquoise and Light to Aqua. I have also discussed the slow build-up of Light over the past 2-3 centuries.

During the past three Houses of the Zodiac, Taurus, Aries and Pisces (3 x 2,160 years), our world was in a space where 80% of the power was focused on fear, force and control; I call that Darkness.  But, as we moved closer and closer to the Photon Belt (Google this), more and more Light from it was being felt in our technological development.

Technology is just another name for Majik which is how to “spell” the Majik of the Light/Aqua. We started seeing this Majik with steam engines for manufacturing and railroads. That forced us to develop what we call analog measuring devices like thermometers and speedometers.

More Light kept coming and we developed the gasoline and then, diesel engines for the transportation revolution of the 20th century. These depended on the development of petroleum and steel, Then came jet engines and computers and, subsequently, the Internet and Mobility.  These depended on the development of the digital world.

What is the digital world? It is the world that we live in now and is based on binary code (Ones and Zeros) which allows machines to talk to machines; use devices-to-devices if you prefer. This language is the Language of Light; it is based on English, but can be translated easily to hundreds of Languages.

Bottom line: the Digitized Internet is the Language of Light.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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