New Aqua Energy Timeline

On May 2nd, 2014, a Triple-14-Day, there will be enough Aqua Energy for major changes in our world and in our lives. Aqua Energy has been streaming into our world in larger-and-larger amounts since December 22, 2012. While enough of it has been available to start changing our world, the results have not been very visible to us.

That is about to change; on May 2nd, an energy threshold will be reached.  Think of it like waiting for the washing machine to fill up enough to begin the wash cycle; the agitation of the “dirt” in our world and in our lives is about to begin. To use another metaphor; there is a new Aqua broom and it is getting ready to sweep clean.

What does this mean? For the past three Ages (Taurus, Aries and Pisces) we have been passing through an energy that was, literally, 80% Darkness (fear, force, control and resistance to change) and all of our governments, laws, organizations, institutions, structures, as they relate to Humans, are based on that Darkness.

But wait, we have spent the last 100 or so years going through rapid, dynamic, incredible changes in technology that has made our world unrecognizable from the sail-powered, horse-drawn and candle-lit past of our forefathers.  This was, all, a part of the expected shift from 80% Darkness to 80% Light and Light (advanced technology) was able to put more-and-more Light into Technology starting in the year 1814; 200 years ago.  We got the steam engine, steam ships, railroads and factories and they morphed into the gasoline/diesel-powered engines for cars, trucks, ships and airplanes. Along the way, Tesla brought us electricity and, for the first time, we had light that could drive away the darkness. From there, we all know what happened; we got jet engines, advanced metallurgy,  wireless communications, computers, radar, digital networks and devices, smart phones and tablets and we are poised on the edge of still more Earth changing technologies like 3D Printing.

Ok. Technology comes from the Light and technological creativity has been on the rise and will continue to increase moving forward.  But, what about our governments, our courts, our jails and prisons, our education systems, our banks, our businesses, our medicine. our law forcers (enforcement) and all of the regulations that keep being heaped upon us all.  Yes, the rule of law is something that we all want as a shield against lawlessness; but what if the rule of law has been hijacked by a tyrannical government?

This is the “dirt” that I wrote about above. Another name for “dirt” is corruption or dark deeds or no accountability or Politicians or Union Leaders or Bankers or Lawyers or Judges or Bureaucrats; far too many of them are CORRUPT and will be dealt with.

By the end of May 2014, Aqua changes will begin to be visible in our world; out-with-the old and in-with-the-new. Look for a collapse of the Financial System, the United Nations (a very Dark organization) and strong dissent by people against their out-of-control governments.

Aqua-oriented people will begin to get majikal powres in May.  If you have at least 70% Aqua, you will be able to “manifest” things more easily; money, success, toys, sex, etc. In the past, when Aqua-oriented people had these things, Darkness took them away; now Aqua is going to take them away from Turquoise-oriented people. If you have installed the Aqua Majik Wands that I have written about, you can start to use them in May.  If you are oriented towards Aqua, search Majik Wands on this site and install them.

Lastly, all of you Aqua-oriented people out there must give your Spirit Guides a new set of instructions; From now on, everything I do is easy and fun and rewarding!  Start having FUN.

Love, Light and  Laughter,


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