Laser Yourself to Good Health

Yesterday, I wrote about using your Lens like a Laser Beam. Today, I will be a bit more specific; among other things, you can turn that Laser Beam on yourself to heal any, and all, of your health issues.

How do I do this? Visualize yourself looking through a magnifying glass at one, or all, of your issues and, then, send the Laser Light through as a point target or an area target.

You can use this on all kinds of issues; there are no limits on what it can heal. Diabetes? No problem. Deafness? No problem. Blindness? No problem. Lost a limb? No problem. How ’bout cancer? Again, no problem. OK. How about too much fat? Again, no problem. These are all examples of the unwanted attention that Light Beings were getting from Darkness all of our lives. Darkness has been attacking us through health, emotional and wealth issues. Re-member, Darkness has 80% of the power until just recently; it only has 33% now. Can Darkness continue to keep you down? Does it have the powre to keep messing with you? No and NO!

I know, healers have a very tough time healing themselves. This is an exception, but you must extend your Healing Lens beyond your body and use it to heal yourself as an external tool; that is the “hack” on healing yourself.

OK. Can I use a really large Lens? Will making the Lens large enable faster healing? Yes and YES. Alright (which means all Light), how fast can I heal? That depends on your health issues; many will be healed within 14 days, but more severe issues will take up to 90 days. Just imagine, feeling much better or being cured by New Years Day.

OK, Got it, but can I use this Lens on blocks to my Money, Attracting the Right (Light) Mate, Youthfulness, Success, etc. Yes, to all of them.

Again, Have Fun with This!!!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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