Our World is SO Dark; What can you DO?

This website is for Light Beings or Light Workers; What can you DO? How can you use your Powres?

First off, you must realize that you have a lot of Light that you have shinning into the Darkness for years. This has brought you a lot of unwanted attention by the Forces of Darkness. You have been the Light House; now it is time to shift from passive to active. There is something called a Vesica Piscis, it is a very sacred shape that looks like the lens in a magnifying glass or eye glasses. You are already using it to project the Light from your Light House. The corneas in your eyes are Vesica Piscises.

OK. Whether you know it or not, you have a Vesica Piscis in your Heart. This is the lens you use whenever you want to focus your Intent on something or someone. Intent is a combination of your focus and your willpowre. What most of you do not realize is that you can make your lens much bigger just by intending it to be so.

OK. Yes, I can. So…What does that do for me? If you have a bigger lens (Vesica Piscis), it can focus more Light – a lot more Light. So…Now, instead of pouring your Light into the Darkness to mark your position or try to attract other Light beings to you, you can use that much bigger lens to focus Light on Dark things or people around you; you can use your Lens like a magnifying glass, but in reverse. Now, you can project your Light very powrefully and specifically; you can target Darkness like a Laser Beam and drive it away from you and your projects and your loved ones.

Think about it, when you walk into a dark room and you switch on the light, what happens? The Light comes on and the Darkness is instantly banished. When you start using your bigger Lens, Darkness will have no choice but to withdraw rapidly; like they have been burned. They are now like Vampires being exposed to Sunlight.

This is new. Light has the powre to do this, now. Have fun with this!

Love, Light and Laughter,


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