Let the Healing Begin

OK. So you are a Light Being or have thought of yourself as a Light Worker for much of your life. It hasn’t got you a lot other than grief. You have been the Light House shinning your Light in the Darkness, showing the way. That made it easy for the Dark Beings to find you and mess with you; you know the Energy Vampires who suck your Light Energy to make themselves “look” like they are one of us. Their intent is always to try to put a “bushel basket” around us to hide our Light and, eventually, turn it off.

The Blood Sucking Vampires are fiction, but the Energy Sucking Ones are real. One of the best questions any of us can ask ourselves is whether the people around us are Energy Vampires. If so, get rid of them. This is especially important for the new people in our lives.

I am a strong believer that computers and networks are modeled after Humans and that we are all programmable with Apps. Here is a great App to program yourself with;

  • my energy is my own; no one may take it away without my permission
  • my energy is my own; no one may give me energy without my permission

This is something that we must teach our children at an early age. And yes, this will work against the Energy Vampires; they will go find someone else.

So…What about all of those physical ailments? The hearing loss, the vision loss, the bad knee; can these be healed by the new, Light Powre coming in? Yes and Yes and Yes.

You don’t understand because you don’t think like this, but you have been a Light House all of your life and you have been shinning your Light brightly. That has made you an easy target for Darkness and you have been attacked regularly as a result. You have been attacked financially, with legal issues and, of course, health wise. In my case, I went to Vietnam as a young man and was exposed to Asbestos and Agent Orange. I did not know there were issues until 40 years later, but health issues are coming to the fore now.

So… Here I am. I have made the Energetic Transformations that I advocate on this site; I have transformed myself from a Fire Being into an Earth Being. I have made myself much more valuable as a resource for Spirit; I can carry much more Light and will have wonderful, new Powres to make a greater difference towards the Good.

And as we are all transitioning into the full, Aquarian Light, I find out that I am quite sick with two fatal dis-eases that are just a matter of time in the next decade. So, I expressed myself with Psychic Rage towards the Aether and asked WTFO.

My Spirit Guide asks me to calm down and stop blasting the Aether. I was told that I have just realized that I had been attacked by Darkness for such a long time and that I had some powre to do something about it. Apparently, Darkness received the brunt of my silent scream and has withdrawn from the Attacking Business. This was going to happen in a few days anyway, but Darkness was caught by surprise and got burned a bit; GOOD!

OK. I started this post with a let the healing begin. Now, you can use your silent screams to good use. Now, your attacks by Darkness are over and the Aquarian Light can begin to heal all of those attacks, even the ones from 40 years ago; even the financial and legal ones.

If you have transformed yourself into an Earth Being, you have a much more important JOB here than ever before in your life. You will NOT be dying of any dis-ease, but instead will be living for thousands of years in a young, healthy body with extra-ordinary, super powres.

My Spirit Guide is telling me that my Healing has begun today; maybe yours has too.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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