Light-Worker; You can now change your DNA

In my last post, I wrote about releasing the Over-Ride or Father Block that Darkness has used to limit Light Beings.  Over the past decade, many of you have tried to transform yourselves by transforming your DNA.  You have used breathing and sound techniques, but again, you may not have achieved your desired goals.

The difference between Darkness and Light is very stark.  Darkness is all about fear, force and control and it resists change by ideas from Light.   Light is all about freedom, choice, love, truth, respect and responsibility and facilitating change for the better.

The best way for any Light Being to change himself or herself is to make incremental changes to their DNA, once they figure out how to do so.  Darkness has always had an Over-Ride or Father Block on Light Beings changing their DNA; having more powerful Light Beings in the game was not something Darkness was going to allow when it had the power to stop it.

As in the last post, Darkness no longer has the power of Blocking changes to your DNA.  You can, now, release the Over-Ride or Father Block on changes to your DNA and many other Darkness imposed limits.  You don’t have to re-do the DNA changes that you tried to make, but you may want to, as the desired effect will be greater in scope and happen faster now.

Do not be lazy about this.  You must release the Father Block before anything can happen.  Trust me; it is there.


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