Ever Tried to UnBlock Yourself and it didn’t work?

Those of you who follow this site or find it are all energy workers; you get it – we are all energetic beings trying to figure out how energy works and better yet, use it to make our lives and our loved ones better.

I have been a NewAger on this planet and many others for thousands of lives.  The difference between an “old” soul and a younger one is readily apparent to many of us, but can be hard to wrap your mind around.  Here it is; an old soul is someone who has re-membered more of what the rest of us have forgotten.  We all have ALL of the knowledge and insights that we need, but most of us have not figured out how to remember it; there are layers and layers of hidden memories that we hid from ourselves.

Like most of you, I have realized that someone or something or, even, myself, has blocked things for me in this lifetime.  Somehow, we know there is a “block” in place in our money, health, success, attracting sex, attracting love, being able to heal ourselves and many others.

We have tried many different approaches to un-Blocking those things.  Sometimes, we get a positive result, but most of the time we get no changes at all.  Why is that?  We think we are playing by the rules.  We have correctly discerned that there is a Block and, as energetic beings, we should have a mechanism to change the Properties of that Block.  We do and we have changed those blocks, perhaps many times.

What most of us do not realize is that there is an over-ride block that many of us have in place.  I know I am going to sound like a broken record and repeat myself, but the forces of Darkness and Light are real, even in the 21st Century, or perhaps, especially, in the 21st Century.

You must realize that when Darkness had 80 percent of the power in our world, it was easy for Darkness to see when a powerful Light-being was being born.  By powerful, I mean with at least 70 percent Light.  Light-beings like that, are like Light Houses on a dark night; the Light can be seen miles off.  That is how the Energy Vampires in our lives have found us; you know those being who can suck your energy out leaving you with nothing.  These being are very dark, but they take Light-energy from us and look like they are of the Light.  They move in with us and literally, try to suck the Light out of us completely.  Unfortunately, sometimes it works, but normally, we just tell them to go away.

When Darkness was in charge, it used the over-ride block frequently to limit, hinder, block many aspects of powerful Light-beings.  No matter how many times we tried to remove those blocks, we did not have the power to do so; our unBlocks were over-ridden with Blocks.  THAT HAS CHANGED!

We are now in the 3rd Inning of the phased Take-Over by Light.  One of the take-overs is that Light-beings with 70 percent or more Light can now unBlock the over-ride Block; it no longer belongs to Darkness.  Read and listen internally.  To do this, you must use the Over-Ride Block; you have tried and tried to unBlock yourself using the tool you had access to.  You have already unBlocked yourself with that tool, but it did not work.  Use the Over-Ride Block tool; you can now.

You can also use this Over-Ride Block tool to block things from happening to you.  Say you are in a situation where someone or something is going to take something of value away from you.  Use the Over-Ride Block to stop it from happening.  I know this sounds a bit Woo-Woo, but, what the hell, what have you got to lose?  Most of you did not even know there was an energetic Over-Ride Block until you read this.  This energy tool is very real and it has “fucked” with you for most of your life.

I just re-membered the Over-Ride Block yesterday and unBlocked myself and set up Over-Ride/Father-Blocks for things that are full of Darkness.  Do not take offense at this, but I re-membered the Over-Ride Blocks as Father-Blocks and the blocks we had access to as Mother-Blocks; that is a bit paternalistic and I did not think it would work well on the Blog.  I came up with a more understandable Over-Ride Block concept, but wanted to tell you how I re-membered it; many of you may have the memory come to you as a Father-Block.  That’s OK,  male is Darkness and Darkness is in charge for 5/6ths of the Zodiac; Father-Blocks are the norm.

Love, Light and Laughter,   Merln

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