Light/Right-Spin is taking Decisive Action

I have written about the take-over of Light and the two-phase approach within February 2015. Well…the first 14 days of February are over; that was the build-up of powre phase.

So…what happened in the first half of February? Finally, the Pentagon is defying President Obama and his Muslim buddies and deploying a heavy Brigade of US Troops to Kuwait; folks, this is an armored cavalry unit with tanks. This is a unit that can be used to take the fight to the Dark forces of Allah. What else is the Pentagon doing? It is sending A-10 Thunderbolt II attack aircraft (Warthog or Hog) into the fight against ISIS and the Russians in Ukraine; this plane is known as the “Monster” to the Afghan terrorists and they fear it above all other US weapons.

OK. We are now at the beginning of the second phase in the use of Light Powre against Darkness. The first 14 days of February were used, primarily, to neutralize the embedded Darkness in both ISIS-controlled regions and Eastern Ukraine; Darkness does not have the powre to go against Light directly anymore and has had to build up its power over the past two years. This is why it has had so much success in both Crimea and Syria-Iraq, but their “high-water” mark has been reached.

Now, today, Light/Right-Spin is on the march against the forces of Darkness; Light has gone on the offensive. If it seems that I am writing about Islam as the primary foe or enemy of Light; you are right, it is. But re-member, 95 percent of the Earth’s population are Left-Spinners, so it’s not all about Islam. Having said that, Islam accounts for one-third of the Earth’s population and is motivated by an ideology that says it is OK to kill or enslave anyone who is an unbeliever. Islam is the primary, organized enemy even though most of it is still in the Stone Age with AK-47s and RPGs.

Alright, what is Light going to do about all of the ISIS/Al Qaeda recruiting? Most people do not questions where the Internet came from, it just happened. Guess what? It is a creation of and by Light. Guess what else? It is now, totally controlled, by Light.

Whoops, the forces of Darkness will no longer be able to use the Internet. It will not happen overnight, but Jihadist web sites will be shut down and not be allowed to spread their Dark, Poisonous Ideology. What else is happening? People in Europe, the United States and many other places are beginning to question whether Islam is a religion, or something more, much more Dark/Evil.

Islam is an “ISM”, much like Communism or Totalitarianism; yes, it has a religious component, but it also has an even stronger demand for Theocratic (Political) control, called Sharia Law. This is not an option, it comes along with the religion and the Quran states very clearly, it is OK to force unbelievers to convert or be enslaved or killed. For those who have read or know about the New Testament of Christianity, this is what happened to the Thessalonians and Corinthians which are a part of modern-day Turkey.

Well Folks, what goes around, comes around. Western Civilization, much of which has been based on Christianity, is under attack by Islam (Darkness). Does that make Christianity Light? Yes, but it has it’s own problems with Darkness that will be addressed concurrently.

Whether you like it or not, the clash between Darkness and Light will become very personal. Forces far beyond the likes and dislikes of people are at work. Muslims will be told that they are UNWELCOME; this is coming sooner than most of us can imagine. When they are forced to leave, where will they go? To Northern Africa and the Middle East where they will not be well received; they are too “civilized.”

This sounds like a huge clash between Darkness and Light, but it is a side-show. Most people who are strong in Darkness, wherever they are from and whatever their religion/Ism, will not be allowed to stay; this is not an emotional statement, but a matter of fact. Darkness has its “day” in the Sun and, now, it is the turn for Light Beings.

What about co-existence? Is that possible? Yes; about 20 percent of the 300 million survivors will be in the middle group from 60 percent Darkness to 60 percent Light. This is the extent of mercy from Light; this is where the worker bees will come from in the new, Light/Right-Spin Civilization.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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