May the Force be with You!

If you were alive in the 80s, you know this phrase from Star Wars; which keeps coming back. Well…you will not be a bit surprised to know that “Force” means Light and that “going to the Dark side” is self-explanatory. Just like there is a real Federation of Planets and a real Star Fleet Command (from Star Trek), there is a “real” Force out there; it is called Light, or, Darkness.  It is also called Right-Spin or Left-Spin; left is Dark and right is Light. Do you get it?

Left-leaning politics is all about growing Government and Dependence on Government; growing the Hive is growing Darkness. Growing the collective is growing Darkness; Darkness always takes over the collective. Why? Light is always about freedom, choice, independence, self-reliance, self-responsibility and individual rights; never collective or group identity rights. Rights come from Light; do you get it?

This is really that simple; r-i-g-h-t means L-i-g-h-t and l-e-f-t means D-a-r-k. These two Forces are here to battle for control of our hearts and minds and, yes, our civilization. Darkness is not intelligent; that is an attribute of Light, but it is cunning. When I say this, I mean that Darkness is tactical and Light is strategic. Light foresaw the coming of Aquarius and the Photon Belt and saved it’s power over 500 years for the creation of the United States (and Australia); it “embedded” this Light-powre into the soil of these lands. That embedded Light has kept Darkness from destroying the US until Light could take over.

That has happened! Light, the Force, has taken over. The Dark side of the Force is in retreat energetically. For those of us looking at the world, this is not evident yet; it appears that Darkness is in full expansion. That is what happens before the bubble bursts.

In desperation, Darkness is trying to get the Muslim world to unite against Christianity and the West, but Muslims are not much good at working or producing or making things; they excel at raiding, butchering and destroying They depended on the Jews for logistical support in the Great Muslim Expansion of the 900-1100 AD period, but, now, the Jews are the enemy as well.

The US Military has, very quietly, seized control of the US Government. Obama is still President, but on a very short leash; he is being stopped on Immigration and ObamaCare and the Pentagon has taken over the war effort against ISIS and Putin; expect better results soon.

Readers of this Blog should not be alarmed; the US has been ruled by a Military Dictator since the American Civil War (1861-65). What is different now, is that it woke up and realized that an “enemy” had seized the White House and was “selling” us down the river.

Again, Great Forces are at work here. Light, the Force, has taken over, has gone on the offensive and is, now, making great changes in our world.

May the Force be with You, and not against.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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