We are Magnets; We attract and repel Stuff

Yes, we are really magnets and have a north and south pole, and yes, that field we call our “aura” is really our own personal magnetic field.

Many of you already know about Gaia; she is our Earth Goddess, but she is also our Planetary Being.  And yes, she is very much “alive” and aware of everything going on, at a macro level, on Earth.  Gaia lives in the central Sun within our “Hollow” Earth.  Yes, Journey to the Center of the Earth is based on fact.  There is some good stuff on You Tube on our Hollow Earth.

Many of you know about the seven primary chakras; crown, third eye, throat, heart, solar plexus, sex and root.  Many of you think you know what the additional six are to make thirteen.  Perhaps, I have a different version for your consideration: there are four more for each of our two hands and two feet.  That leaves two more: one is our connection to energy from above; it is about six inches above our crown chakra and, the other is our connection to energy from below; it is about six inches below our feet on our centerline.

So… Who do we connect to below us?  Both men and women connect to Gaia who lives in that Sun in the center of our Planet; that Sun is about 1,000 miles in diameter and puts out a lot of light and heat.

How about above us? Men connect directly to the Solar system Sun, often called Sol.  Women connect to our Moon, called Luna which reflects the energy from Sol to them.  We all know about the cycles of the Moon and the cycles of ovulation/menstruation ; isn’t it odd that they are both 28-day cycles?

Here’s how that all works; men get most of their energy from Sol and tend to disregard Gaia as they do not think they are getting anything from her.  That is a very male attitude towards the feminine.  Yes, Sol is male and Gaia is female.  Women get most of their energy from Gaia, but can get a huge boost of energy from Luna, when she is full.  Luna is also female.  This is, perhaps, why women have so much more stamina and can take the pain of childbirth; it may also explain how they routinely outlive men.

So… Both men and women have two different poles; men use Sol as their North Pole and Gaia as their South Pole while women use Gaia as their North Pole and Luna as their South Pole.  You see, we really are “Poles” apart.

Both sexes use their primary poles to attract money, sex and success; men use Sol and women use Gaia; this is why we tend to be most interested in different things.  Men want, or are very interested in, attractive, sexy women for sex and for show; desire is the key for men be that women, power or toys.  Women, on the other hand, are very interested in feelings; women are focused inwardly, remember, they get their primary energy from Gaia, our Central Sun.  Yes, women make the home and raise the children; they always want a nice nest without worry. But hey, there’s always something to worry about.

Because women are more focused inwardly, in general, than men, they also tend to be more open to Spiritual advancement.  The Internet was devised to allow men to dive within themselves and go inward.  Its all a cosmic plot to get men to talk to themSelves; it is also helpful for women.

Because we are magnets, we attract and repel things all of the time.  But, we are different from “natural” magnets; for us Like poles attract and unlike poles repel.  Think about that the next time you “like” something or someone.

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