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This is a spiritual site; as such, I cannot charge money for the information that I am providing.  Ok; that is how my Spirit Guide wants it.

Some of you have asked me to provide a donate button, but, thus far, no donations have been received.  That’s ok as well; Hexahedron1 is a spiritual site.

For those of you who like my information and writing style and think I have information that is valuable, I have another site,, where I have four (4) ebooks for sale.  These are: Demon Theory of Health, Demon Theory of Health – Eastern Approaches, Demon Free – How to Expel and Invite and Reptilian Wars – A 50,000 Year Update.

As many of us pay a lot for health care advice; my Spirit Guide is allowing me to sell this information as ebooks; the Reptilian stuff will only appeal to those tuned into the Reptilian history of our planet.

Ok; we all know about germs and viruses.  That is called the Germ Theory of Health. We have labs that can count the number of bacteria and viruses in our blood work.  We all know that these tiny, single-cell organisms can create havoc in our bodies causing dis-ease and death.

Hold on a sec!  What gives these single-cell organisms the smarts to do what they are doing?  The Pharmaceuticals keep coming up with new drugs and the bacteria and viruses keep getting immune and our ill-nesses keep getting worse.  Now, there are superbugs that are totally immune to all of our antibiotics; what are we to do?  Just die?

The peoples of the middle ages were all convinced that demons caused many, or all, of our problems, but we have become much more sophisticated over the centuries; we have science and medicine.

So… What have the Doctors done for us?  They have cataloged the many symptoms for each malady or syndrome or dis-ease or sick-ness or ill-ness and have, quite neatly, labeled the set of symptoms as “something” that we have caught or got.  And once we get this diagnosis, oh my gosh, we get treated with lots of pills and knife cuts.  Even cures are not cures as there may be a remission or the condition may be chronic.

What causes these dis-eases?  What makes them worse over time?  How come they come back? Or never go away?  I have answers in the Demon Theory of Health.  I highly recommend the books to all of you and your friends.

We are in the final stages of a huge shift in energy on Planet Earth.  This information on Angel-Pleasure and Demon-Pain is an important part of that shift.

For those of you who want to give back, give yourselves a gift and purchase the Demon Theory of Health books.

Thank you.

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