Massive Changes Coming

I’ve written about the coming Pole Shift and Earth Changes.  I’ve also written about “template” changes; these mostly impact organizations made by man.  In addition to the collapse of the United Nations, the European Union and the planned North American Union, much of your world will be different.

For example, your “bank” will not be a for “profit” entity benefiting “the bankers,” but will be a cooperative form of pooling money to make changes for the better.  Ownership of the bank will be the local community, not shareholders.  While the idea of capitalism was the best possible way of advancing economically, it was still a creature of “Darkness”, but the only one that used ownership/self-interest as the primary motivator.

In the new energy, self-interest will be modified by an energy that can be called “doing the right thing.”  This will modify capitalism into something that could be called “responsible capitalism,” but coming from people as part of their self-responsibility, not dictated by the Government or some Bureaucrat or the EPA.  Am I really saying that people are going to change?  Yes and No.  The energy has changed and people will not have any choice; they too, must change.

Not only are the banks changing, but most things that we worry about are going to change.  There will still be beds and chairs and kitchens and bathrooms and cars and houses/apartments; those are just things, albeit, important things that are part of our bedrock.  What is going to change is Government, the Courts, Law Enforcement, Lawmakers, Re-Distribution of other people’s money/Taxation, Education, Medicine/Pharmaceuticals, Business and just about everything that we now think of as “Normal.”

The idea of Big Government is very dark.  The idea of millions of us being dependent on Government for essential services is totally Dark.  We are going to wake up soon and realize that there is no Big Government or Government Services to depend on; won’t that be a wake-up call?  You say, that is cruel and that is chaos.  Yes, but it is also Darkness and Light is taking over.  Light is bringing Order from Chaos.  Is there going to be a Department of Homeland Security? No. Department of Transportation? No.  Department of Education? No.  Department of Energy? No.  Department of Labor? No.  Department of Agriculture? No.  Department of Health and Human Services? No. Environmental Protection Agency? No. FEMA? No.  Drug Enforcement Agency? No.  Food and Drug Administration? No. Central Intelligence Agency? No. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms? No.  National Institute of Health? No.

There will be no welfare or food stamps.  There will be no subsidies for student loans or crops.  There will be no subsidized mortgages for people who cannot afford one; No Freddie Mac or Fannie Mae.  What will there be?  Defense, Treasury, Commerce, State and functions like the Federal Communications Commission (common frequency usage), but all of these will be reduced down to basic functions staffed by volunteers who are paid basic expenses and, who, must leave after two years and cannot return for at least five years.  This restriction applies to volunteering at the local, state and national level; there will be no careers in Government Service; just people giving service.  This keeps corruption to a minimum as it is present, even in “doing-the-right-thing” energy.

Does this apply to Lawmakers?  Congressmen and Congresswomen and Senators?  Yes.  But Congress will only meet for three months every two years; the idea is to limit Government whose sole purpose is to take freedom.

The National Government roles are being massively reduced.  Are the States going to take over the “Nanny” role?  No.  The role of Government at the State level will also be reduced, massively, as it too has grown out-of-control along with the Federal Government.  Like the Federal level, the State Houses will only be open for three months every two years.  The number of laws will be reduced by at least 90 percent and government regulations will be entirely eliminated;  the law itself will be explicit enough and issues will be resolved by Volunteer Arbitrators using “common sense.”  The idea of Legal Precedence is very Dark and will be discarded.  Any unresolved conflicts at the local level will be pushed up to Volunteer Arbitrators at the State or National/Federal level.  There are no judges anymore.  There are no more lawyers.  Anyone can be a Volunteer Arbitrator; no legal background required.  Successful people in all walks of life will be encouraged to become Volunteer Arbitrators for a two-year service stint.  The Internet is an agent of change to make all of this happen.

You say, “How can this be?”  We have this “System” in place that will resist change with Law Enforcement and Military Forces.  They will try to continue to rule through the barrel of a gun.  They will use bullets, tear gas, smart bombs and tanks to keep themselves in power.  Yes, they could under the old, Dark, energies.  All of these tools were developed to keep them in power under Darkness.

BUT NOW, LIGHT IS IN CHARGE.  This is what this post is all about.  We are not going to be changing a little bit; our world is going to be changing MASSIVELY in many different, better ways.

Many of us will be receiving wonderful, new powres that enable us to fly and/or teleport, manifest food and drink, create prototypes of new technologies, fix things energetically, transform things into different, possibly better, things.  Most of these people who receive these new powres will be shielded from all harm; no bullets, knives, arrows, bolts, bombs, mortars, rockets, missiles, needles, poison or chemical, biological or nuclear attacks will have any impact.  If one can teleport, can we be locked up?  Can we be bound with hand-cuffs?  or Straight-Jackets?  When attacked, the attackers have their attacking energies re-directed on themselves.  It will not be long before the attackers GET IT and stop attacking; they will, then, realize that the world has changed and all of their Dark powers have come to naught.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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