What Kind of Path Am I On?

Many of us have completed something difficult and thought, “I stretched my rubber band a bit on that one.”  This is an acknowledgement that we have Grown in Capability.  When I was in my 20s, I, too, used the rubber band analogy, but, over time, I realized that I was not just growing in two-dimensions, but, at least 3.

So… I started to think of myself as being in some kind of a box that was growing too small for me as I increased my knowledge, capabilities and insights.  I, then, realized that the box was way too small for me and, somehow, I had to get out of it.  It was a kind of Spiritual Claustrophobia.   I looked closely at the box from the inside and realized that I was in a cube or six-sided square (this was a long time before I figured out how to re-configure my Chakras or Energy Centers into a Hexahedron).

Ok.  I realized that I was standing (or stooping) in a Cube or Hexahedron.  How does one get out of a Cube; simple, pop the top and push it back; push the sides down and push the front down.  When you are finished, you are standing in an open cube and it looks like a Christian Cross.

Now, in English, we have this expression.  He, or She, is an out-of-the-box thinker.  This is where that expression come from.  I am a way-way-way-out-of-the-box thinker; I have popped myself out of so many cubes that I cannot even guess how many.

This Cross that you are standing in is a very sacred shape; you are standing in a square with two squares behind you and one square to the right, the left and straight-ahead.  As many of you know already, you can never go backwards and can only move the right, the left or continue on the path you are already on (straight-ahead).

This is the mechanism for people to choose to go towards Darkness or Light; Darkness is a turn to the Left and Lightness is a turn to Right.  If we want to continue on the path we have been walking, we keep moving forward or straight ahead.  We all have this choice whenever we pop out-of-a-box.

For many of us, we have chosen a path with the major power in our lives; that choice has been fear, force, control and resistance to change.  These are all terms for Darkness.  Now that we have gone through the shift to Light, many of you will see the logic of turning to the right.  If you want to stay here on Planet Earth, do it now!

If you decide to take a right-hand turn to the right, you will be embracing freedom, integrity, truth, responsibility, love and change-for-the-better.  That is the new energy that has taken over from Darkness.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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