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I’ve written about the new templates that were installed over the summer. Yes, the installation was completed on August 31st and yes, the template are being powered up during September.

My problem is that I am not seeing any changes in my own little reality and I have been fussing with my internal information about why.  Here is a clarification that I have received.

The templates that are being powered up first are the collective templates; the big picture templates. We are seeing one result of that in the vote today on Scottish Independence. That is a definite break with the past, Dark, Status Quo, whether the vote is yest or no.

Look at the indecisiveness of the US Government over the Southern Border and ISIS/ISIL. How about Ukraine and the seeming stalemate there?

This powering up of the collective templates will continue through the end-of-the-year and the power of the US GOVERNMENT, the EU, the UN, the Russian Federation and other One-World Organizations will be greatly diminished. Rule through the power of a gun or sword will no longer be supported by the new energetic templates.

OK. What about powering up our individual templates? What about more money, success and stuff? That starts on October 1st and will be complete by the end-of-the-year as well. This applies to all of you who are oriented towards the Light. As the new, Light templates are being powered up, the old, Dark templates are being powered down.

There is going to be a huge transfer of wealth from the old, Dark beings to the new, Light beings. That correction of 10% or more in the stock markets of the world is going to happen, but, it will be more like a 90% correction; remember, Light now has 67% control of the powre in the world and will use that in all areas of Human activity very soon. The DOW will drop to 3,000 or lower and deflation will set in; a loaf of bread will be 25 cents, not $5; a gallon of gas will be 25 cents, not $5; cars will sell for $2,500 or less; homes will sell for $15,000-$50,000. Expect these price thresholds to drop even more until stability is reached.

This is not just about a crash in the stock markets; all of the central banks are going to default on the impossible debt  that has been wreaked up. Yes, the $17 Trillion that the US owes will be defaulted on and yes, interest rates will go up to 5% soon. This will be a major player in the debt defaults. This includes the EU, China, Japan, Germany, England and all of the rest.

The college degree is worthless and will not be important in the future for a long time; technical certifications of knowledge will become the new credential. The concept of Insurance will no longer be supported by the new templates; cooperatives will replace it/them.

There will be so many people dying of disease that confidence in our Health Care System will be destroyed; this too, is not being supported by the new templates. Embrace alternative health approaches.

The courts, police and jails/prisons and lawyers are old, Dark energy and they will not be supported by the new templates. What to do with all of these “bad” people? They will all be leaving because they are too “Dark” and cannot stay. This applies to Muslims everywhere.

If you are living on government transfer payments like welfare, food stamps, social security, these “safety net” programs are not being supported by the new templates. Too many people are leaving and all of these programs are/will be unsupportable. Ask your Inner Being for grace, not your Government.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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