Obama IS the Anti-Christ

I am not at all religious, but there is prophesy out there about the End Times and the existence of the Anti-Christ.

These are the End Times and Barack Obama is the Anti-Christ. Obama is a Sunni Muslim who bowed/s down to the King of Saudi Arabia. He funded and trained ISIS, which he insists on calling ISIL (Islamic State in the Levant) which includes the entire Middle East.  He pulled all US Forces out of Irag and purposely stood by and did nothing while ISIS grew in strength and numbers; incomprehensible, unless he had an Islamic agenda. He refuses to call Islamic terrorism by its name and insists that we are not at war with Islam. When someone kills in the name of Mohammed, he calls it work place violence.

He has done everything possible to weaken the United States’s place in the world by withdrawal from the Middle East and North Africa, cutting the strength of the military and sowing discontent and division among Americans. This man is pure Evil.

He is the in one of the most powerful positions to be in and he isn’t even a Christian. What a great position to be in if you are the Anti-Christ. Increasingly, everyone in the world is seeing how great a Liar Obama is; another great attribute of the Anti-Christ.

OK. What do you mean about this being the End Times? I have written extensively about the coming Earth Changes. We have moved out of 6,480 years of domination by Darkness and we are seeing the end-game plans of Darkness being played out, especially in the Middle East (where Darkness/Islam is the strongest). More importantly, we have moved into Aquarius/Light energy and Light has, finally, taken over.

I am not sure how, but Darkness, Obama and his ilk will not succeed, even though it looks as if they are. Remember, the new Light oriented templates have been installed and are being powered up. What this means is that Darkness is about to start losing its battles with Light; Obama will look increasingly small and incompetent and his scandals will only grow worse. He will lose control of the Senate and will be removed from power before the end of 2015. He is being abandoned by the US Military and Homeland Security apparatus; he is too obviously working against USA interests which are also Light interests. The United States of America was created by Light and Darkness has had 200 plus years to try to destroy it. Obama is doing his very best, but even he, will be unable to do enough damage.

Do not fear nuclear weapons; they do not work anymore. Not for the US or the Russians or the Chinese or the North Koreans or the Iranians. Why do you think the US spent all of that money on GPS satellites and all of those “smart” weapons. Governments of the world will still trot out the fear of nuclear weapons for any number of reasons, but they were too expensive to manufacture and maintain and have been too difficult to detonate. Note, there is no air blast tests anymore; just underground tests where they detonate 20 or 30,000 tons of TNT/Dynamite to achieve a tiny “Mushroom” cloud.

I am not sure of this, but Putin is making Obama look small, weak, indecisive and, generally, incompetent. Is it possible Putin is a tool of the Light?

Love, Light and Laughter,


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