More on Containers and Energy Flows

Recently, I wrote about Internal and External Energy flows and how they interacted with Energy Containers for stuff like money, success, friendship, following, leadership, respect and more.

OK. There is more to it. When we were still Human; not yet transformed into NewBeings, we all had varying degrees of internal and external power flowing into and through us. If we were Right-Spinners, Darkness (Left-Spin) took great pleasure in messing with us on many levels.

How did it do this to us? Simple, as Humans, when we were born, Darkness had 80% of the power in the world.  Guess what? That means that all of those internal and external Energy flows were controlled by Darkness/Left-Spin. This is how Loki/Kokopelli could tune into our conversations and lie to us.

Here is the fix. As of December 1st, 2018, all hard, Right-Spinners will be able to change their Energy Flow programming.  What I mean by that is that you can say, “Henceforth, all of my Energy Flows, both Internal and External, and my Energy Containers will be exclusively composed of Right-Spin Energies.” Then say, “Install it and Run it.”

Hard Right-Spinners start at 60% Right-Spin Energy (40% Left-Spin). Ask yourSelf (see below) what you are and how much.

Just imagine; no more listening to the Great Deceiver or Sardonic Asshole. He is no longer there and has no more power to get to you.

More on the Containers. Under Dark/Left-Spin control, there were many containers with one each for different items. That way, Darkness had more control over what you got and how much you got. Of course, most of the Dark Assholes got to be $Billionaires with all of the honey pots.

As of December 1st, you can create your own complex container that can hold any and all of the External Energies that you (and your Spirit Guide) send to it/you. I have written about how important it is to start a dialog/conversation with yourSelf.  Another good reason to do so is to find out about negative (and positive) SetUps coming your way.

Everything is a SetUp; there are no Accidents, Happenstances, Luck or Good/Bad Fortune. Your Spirit Guide sets everything up for you. If you talk to your Spirit Guide, you can ask for more goodies for your Container, but you can also ask if you have any Negative SetUps coming your way and, if so, what you can do about it.  Perhaps, you can delete it or delay it for a better time. Unless you know about it, you will not have those choices.

How does one start dialogging with one’s Spirit Guide; simple, tune into your head nodding and shaking.  A nod is your Spirit Guide (yourSelf) saying “YES.” A shake is a “NO.” Once you start this conversation, you can ask about anything. Remember, after you change your Energy Flows to Right-Spin, you will not be lied to anymore.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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