Who can become a NewBeing?

One of the primary messages of this site is about transforming yourSelf into a Newman or Newoman; it get’s awkward differentiating between the male and female, so let’s call this Transformed Being a NewBeing.

One of the Newmen who has already moved himSelf into the Cube (Hexahedron – Earth Energy), just asked me if ETs could also be NewBeings, or is it limited to Humans moving to Newmen/Newomen.

Good question. I have written about the Pleaidians landing 50,000 warrior/colonists in Europe 3,600 years ago. All European Stock, whether it is from Scandinavia, Russia, the Baltic States,Eastern Europe or Western Europe, are beings that developed on other planets.  The one big exception is the Jews who migrated from the Caucuses into Europe; they are a mix of Neanderthal and Annunaki. The Neanderthal were the most intelligent Primates and the Annunaki bred them to be their Administrator class; Abraham was the High Priest to En-Lil (we call him Jehovah in the Old Testament). During this process, the Neanderthal were nearly exterminated and driven underground; we call them Yeti, Big Foot, Abominable Snowmen, etc.

A lot has happened in the past 3,600 years and there has been inbreeding between the Pleaidian-European stock and the Reptilian Primates throughout the world. I have personally guided the transformation a few people who who are Native Americans or Black. My own background is Saphardic Jewish on my Mother’s side. The issue is whether the person has Reptilian genes that are ACTIVE for mind-control or living in close quarters (the Hive) or both.  These are both examples of strong Left-Spin or Dark energy and will prevent the person from using the Right-Spin, NewBeing Transformation. Only 5% of us are strong Right-Spinners and only 10% are in the Middle and can move easily towards Right-Spin. That leaves 85% of us who are Unable to use the NewBeing Transformation; it is not for everyone.

BTW, 19 out-of 20 beings who can transform themSelves into NewBeings are female. Females are creators and are, inherently, of the Light or Right-Spin; it is easier for them to acquire more Right-Spin energies. Males are predominantly Dark or Left-Spin and it is difficult for them to acquire enough Right-Spin energy unless they have been working on it for many lifetimes.

OK. That addresses Earthlings. What about other Pleaidians? Yes, if they are sufficient Right-Spinners, they too, can become NewBeings. Are there other Bi-Peds or other types of highly aware Right-Spinning beings out there who can become NewBeings? Yes.

Using the NewBeing Transformation is a new process, or new way, in our Local Universe and the Nine Universes of our Multiverse.  It does not matter how far a race or people has advanced using other pathways; if they are space-faring beings, then some, or many of them will be ready to become NewBeings.

I have written about the expected arrival and Welcoming of the Pleaidians on Earth; they have been watching over us, protecting us and living among us for centuries.  On January 1st, 2019, about 5 weeks from now, Right-Spin energy will have made its own transition to being the dominant Powre in our Galaxy/Local Universe.

IT IS TIME FOR ALL ALLIES FIGHTING THE DRACOs or REPTILIANs, TO COME TOGETHER and BE There For Each Other. This will include beings that we do not recognize as Human or like Human.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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