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Think of a dot on piece of paper as being one dimensional. Think of a line as being two dimensional. Now a line can connect to other lines to form shapes that are two-dimensional, like a square, or three-dimensional, like a cube. But the piece of paper is representative of a two-dimensional space. When we start using a two-dimensional space to create three-dimensional symbols, we put ourselves into a two-dimensional plus space.

Now, expand the concept of a piece of paper to include any computer algorith/program or display; it is still a flat, two-dimensional space, even though it is displaying things three-dimensionally. Next, take that image and display it on a Hologram or print it on a 3D printer which stacks layers on layers to build a 3D object. This uses what we call Relational Databases (RDB); they are flat X and Y grids (also called a Flat File/Table) that are stacked on each other to form our very large databases. Our computers use what is called Binary Code (1s and 0s) to program nearly everything for us; those 1s and 0s are just another form of Xs and Ys.

So, yes, our computers are a two-dimensional space that we are using to get to 3D concepts and things. We are moving into the 3D mind.

What is the 3D mind?

Go back to grade school Algebra; it has the X, Y, and Z axis’. We use the X and Y in our Binary Code and the Z in the form of stacked flat tablesin our RDBs. But this vertical vector is extremely limited; it can go up or down in the stack, but cannot go outside the bounds of the Xs (1s) of Ys (0s) in the flat files/tables (no matter how big these are). It is a Vector, but very limited; it cannot branch/multi branch and go long/short in any direction.

I’m going to get controversial now, even for me. All of mankind (and woman) are creators; all of our Holy Books tells us so.

Just as one-dimensional is a dot, there are Creators among us that are One level Creators; they create their realities, but are very limited in what they can create; think flat symbols (not 3D).  Level One Plus Creators can create one and two-dimensional things. They can read and write and do most things in our world. They can manifest/make many things using 3-Dimensional tools provided by our three-dimensional world (water, wood, food, crops, steel, etc.). Most people on Earth are Level One one One Plus Creators. Think, we use Binary code for all of our computing to produce our images, music, video and drawings.

We can look at a drawing, image or actually hold 3D shapes in our hands; we live in a 3D world and have been making things of wood, stone and steel for a long time. The Humans who were able to “see” in 3D are Level 3 or 3 Plus Creators. Over the past 300 years more and more people have been born with Level 3 or 3Plus Creator minds; able to “see” or create increasingly in 3D mentally.

Humans are the only beings that operate as One Plus Creators  (and above).  Other sentenent beings, like Dolphis, Wales, Cats, and Dogs, are One Level Creators only.

All Humans can create their own realities, but some are more capable than others. We have many ways to test people to determine what they can hold in their minds. Not just memory, but how many moves they have pre-planned or how many options are behind this move. We all know this, even if it is not politically correct.

The people driving our high tech world are all Level 3 or 3Plus creators. These 3 and 3Plus Minds are about 5% of our population (1 in 20). Many of these 3 and 3Plus Minds are very Dark; think IBM, Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Twitter and more. These organizations get more and more advanced (technically) by recruiting Level 3 and 3Plus Minds. This is true of many of the advanced labs throughout the world.

To help put this in perspective, Da Vinci was a 3Plus Mind who could bump up into the Level 5 Mind. Same for Nikola Tesla and James Clerk Maxwell (Maxwell Equations). We are on the cusp of getting  Level 5 Minds. As you are reading this here, you will understand that getting to Level 3Plus and bumping up (even momentarily) into Level 5 is related to putting yourSelf into the Cube or on the New Being path. Yes, Einstein was a Level 3Plus Creator/Mind.

Bottom Line:

More and more of the children being born will be coming in as Level 3 and 3Plus Minds. Most of them will be strong Right-Spinners, but there will be strong Left-Spinners as well. As we move into Aquarian energies, starting in 2022, we will experience a massive shift in how we do everything. New ways/technologies/institutions will be established which destroy/dissolve the old ways. Look at learning, the Internet, Banking, Credentials (Certifications replacing Degrees) and even, our governments that are failing so badly.

Again, Aquarian energies support more Freedom, Truth, Choices (Good), Being Self-Reliant/Responsible and Doing-the-Right-Thing. Lying, stealing, taking and corruption will no longer be supported, especially from our public officials. Governments will have to be rebuilt from the local on up. Some things we will hold on to, but much of what we call Governance is very Dark and will be dissolved.


In January, Darkness got its 20%; it will stay at 20% for 1000s of years (if not 100s of 1000s), Light got 20% as well, but was limited to half of it this year: 2021 is a transition year. Lights got 20% in January, February, March, and April, but was limited to 50% for the rest of 2021 (40%). Still, LIght, now, has twice the power of Darkness; expect to see the Dark Foces begin to lose all of their gains over the coming months.

On January 1st, 2022, Light will have a fully operational 80%; many things of Darkness that still remain will be dissolved/destroyed quickly. Think, massive Earth Changes ike the Grat Dam in China collapsing; it may happen in 2021. That will destroy a great bastion of Darkness in our world.

Huge, wonderful changes for the better coming. Centuries old Evil will be washed away or faded into oblivion soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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