2021 is a Transition Year

2020 was the last year of the old ways. 2021 is the last year of transition from the energies of Pisces into the energies of Aquarius. Beginning on June 1st, Light or Right-Spin energy will be allowed to operate at 75%. 20% was allocated in January, February, March, and April (for a total of 80%), but only half of it (40%)was available for use. From June, Light/Right-Spin will operate at 60% for the remainder of 2021.

When attacking a fortified position, military planners have long known that you need three attackers for every defender. In the second half of 2021, Light/Right-Spin will have three times the power of Darkness; expect great good things for the world and not so great things for the Deep State. I fully expect that Biden/Harris/Pelosi et al will be gone soon.

On January 1st, 2021, for example, BREXIT happened. The EU has been trying to, somehow, stop the dissolution of the “United States of Europe” ever since, but to no avail. In France, a Military Coup is becoming more likely every day. There have already been several military coups that have taken place recently. Where? Myanmar, Thailand, the Phillippines, India, Australia, the United Kingdom, and, even, the United States.

Whoa. What am I talking about? It has not been reported in the news. Exactly, this information is being actively suppressed. Many of the same Deep State players are still in position, but the militaries have taken over in the background. Who is running GITMO? And, are they doing Military Tribunals there? Have they found anyone guilty of Treason?  Have they executed anyone? Does anyone think Biden would keep GITMO open given that he stole the election?

The Banksters got together with the Intelligence Services and put together the Deep State. They plotted the Pandemic strategy of war and tried it out several times in trial attacks; all from China. It worked and they rolled out the Covid-19 as the way to seize control economically and politically.

The trouble was that these $Billionaires have Billionaire Egos and they pranced around telling us what they were doing and, even, how they were going to do it. We have all seen what “lockdowns” do to our economies and have all had to endure masks and the huge push to get “jabbed.”

So… What if the result? They actually got most of their brainwashed followers to go out and get vaccinated; sometimes three times. If you look at the population of the world, they got the 40% who watch and believe the talking heads in the Mainstream/Lamestream Media. All, or most, of these, have gotten inoculated with something that is killing people by the 1000s (all kinds of blood clots) but not being reported as Vaccine-related. They got a few percentages of the people who watch, but do not believe what the Deep State is selling. More and more of these are joining the 55% who do not watch and do not believe. Any sensible person would wait and watch; the information may take 6 months to a year to get out, but hey, it is just another form of the flu. Covid-19 is the biggest “Con” job in the history of mankind.

Now, it is beginning to dawn on all of those who rushed out to get jabbed that they are in danger; many of them will die in the coming months. It is even becoming clear that their medical and life insurance may not pay out if they have taken the vaccines; remember, these vaccines were experimental and not thoroughly tested. It did not take too long; it is being reported that Vaxed People are “shedding” something infectious to the non/not Vaxed. Soon the Vaxed may be quarantined; talk about shooting yourself in the foot. Yesterday, I read that Pine Needle Tea can be used to treat issues related to Vax Shedding Infections; not sure it is true or not.

It is being reported that the Chinese Military was discussing using biological weapons to fight World War III back in 2015. Maybe, the other militaries of the world picked up on that? Ya think?

Every military has an intelligence branch. The CIA was originally based on the OSS which was a behind enemy lines military intelligence, sabotage, and assassination structure set up to defeat the Nazis. Trouble was, it was kept alive and active by the Deep State. The Deep State has control of the CIA, FBI, NSA, and much of the “Black World” industrial complex in the United States. The same types of organizations were controlled in the UK (MI-5, 6, etc.); even though, MI actually stands for Military Intelligence.

Behind the scenes, the military intelligence branches around the world have been watching, collecting data/evidence, and tracking what was being done and who was doing it. They, even, infiltrated the Intelligence Services (CIA, NSA, GCHQ, MI-5/6, etc.) and the Banksters. Not everyone is a believer in a tiny number of elites having total control over billions of people.

It is amazing how many people can be bought with the idea that they could possibly become one of the elite rulers. The Rothschild Banksters are in total control; unless you have their bloodline, you will never be at the table. The Rockefellers, Clintons, Gates and other billionaires think that they have enough money/power to sit at the main table; not, they are all second or third tier. They are ruthlessly killed off as soon as they are no longer useful. Look at what happened to Epstein; he was a real power player with all of those blackmail videotapes.

The Deep State true believers designed and developed the United Nations and the European Union. The UN was to be the political organization for world domination; it did not work so well,  but they keep on trying. The EU was another attempt; some call it the Fourth Reich.

The militaries of the world had to wait until the Deep State made their move. With the lockdowns and the second- and third-waves of virus infections, the phony testing, and the Vaccine Passports, does anyone think the take-over is not in motion?

The problem is that the fear of Covid cannot be sustained. The flu season is over and there are not enough deaths. The hospitals are empty. Far too few are getting the vaccines. Vaccine deaths and complications cannot be suppressed anymore. There is a huge political backlash over the lockdowns. People must be allowed to earn money to live and enjoy life (what a concept?). Along the way, many/most of us have learned to dis-trust the Media and Government/Health Scare Mongers. We are no longer buying what they are selling. What’s worse, many of us believe the exact opposite.

In the United States, the Military has regained control of the NSA, the Department of Energy, the Department of Agriculture (food storage), Department of Transportation. Much of the rest including the State Department, CIA, FBI, DEA, BATF is in the hands of the Deep State. Homeland Security is currently a battleground but is being won by the military. The Border Patrol is firm with the military.

The Deep State Elites are starting to realize that their take-over of the world has failed. Quiet, behind-the-scenes military coups are taking place everywhere. Add Poland,  Hungary, Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Ukraine to the list. Putin threw out the Deep State in Russia years ago.

China was supposed to take over the world. All of the manufacturing and cash flow was moved there. The CCP Model of a Surveillance State was to be exported worldwide. Donald Trump took it down in just four years. Now, even without the United States, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, the Phillippines, Vietnam, India, and Australia have combined to take on China. France and Britain have sent warship groups to the South China Sea. The Quad Alliance is the basis for a new NATO in Asia.

They do not realize it yet, but all of those Deep State operatives in the Multi-National Corporations, Academia, Big Pharma/Medical, Wall Street/Bankster and the many Lobbyist/Law firms/Politicians have been identified, are being/will be tracked and dealt with in the coming 18 months. They will be “listed” on social media, email threads, and local newspapers. Many will simply just disappear. This will apply to all those who have “retired” as well. They will not even be able to walk down the street or shop locally; the anger and disgust will be so great.

One of the things coming soon is a giant collapse of the “derivative” markets worldwide. Most of the billionaires have their wealth in digital money and when the derivatives get wiped out, all those zeros disappear instantly. Don’t worry, any of their ill-gotten wealth that survives will be seized and moved around in positive ways.

When this Derivative Bloodbath happens, all of the major banks in the world will collapse. Some will be propped up by government payment transfers, but that could be iffy. Get into cash NOW.

You are asking how this counter-coup could have happened? Simple, for the past nine years (four of which Trump was President), Darkness has been losing more and more of its power.  Darkness used up all of its reserve power for stealing the 2020 Election.

There is a deep pocket theory of wealth. It is easy to see when looking at Bezos, Zuckerburg, Gates, Buffet, and Musk. They have giant containers of accumulated money; most of us cannot accumulate much. What happens when their “containers” spring leaks? How fast can all of that wealth run away? This also applies to old, even centuries-old wealth like the Rothschilds.

It has not been much fun to watch thus far, but it will begin to be more entertaining soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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