More on Energy Vampires – What’s their new Strategy?

If you are strong in the Light, you know what Energy Vampires are. You may think of them as Energy Suckers, but they are the same people who suck most of your energy in a brief encounter. You learn to avoid these people as much as possible.

Search on Energy Vampires on this site and you will get two programs that you can install in your body to stop this suckcing. You may have to add the following: My energy is my own, No one (inculding Cloaked beings) may take my energy without my permission. The other program is: My energy is my own. No one (including Cloaked beings) may give me any unwanted energy without my permission.

For those of you who think this is just Hocus Pocus or nonsense, think about this. These energy sucker people walk up to us and drain us without touching us; this is an energetic transfer.  If they can do, so can we; we are putting up an energetic wall or block.

In the past, I have always asked if a new person in the group of people is an Energy Vampire; that is much better than asking if they are strong in the Light (they can become strong in the Light by sucking someone’s Light).

OK. What’s new? The Dark Assholes know that their time with 80% of the power has come to an END. Many of them have not figured out that they only have 20% now, but all of them have noticed a big change in what they could do and how they did it.

The Energy Vampires have gone underground. They will not overtly suck energy anymore; that is just too noticable. Their new strategy is an old one; get into a relationship with a strong Light Being and suck as much as they can, especially during sex.

But that old strategy has become more complex. More and more of us are asking if they are Energy Vampires. Their solution is to put up a spell that I call “Cloaking.” When they Cloak themselves, they do not look like Energy Vampires anymore; they look like strong Light Beings. It makes getting into a safe sucking relationship with Light Beings much easier.

I have been fooled by this new strategy several times in the past three months. I thought that I had met some other strong Right-Spinners, but after the first meeting, they avoided me totally instead of connecting with me. I thought that was a bit odd. That was all it took; I started asking if they had a “shield” up and my Guide said NO, but yes, sort of. Then the word “CLOAK” entered my mind. (a 5-letter power word)

Immediately, I asked if all of these new “Light Beings” were cloaked. All of the odd ones were Energy Vampires who had Cloaked themselves.

So……, the new main question to ask yourSelf is are they Cloaked? Ifs not just are they strong in the LIght, or Energy Vampires; those questions have been covered over by being Cloaked. So……if your lover is draining your energy, he/she is a Cloaked Energy Vampire. Just so you understand, over a long period of time, the Energy Vampire will suck all of our vitality; this will make us sick and we will die of cancer and other bad deaths. Essentially, the Energy Vampire will intentionally kill us while being married to us or in some other long-term relationship.

Here’s what you can do about it. Remember, we have 80% of the powre now. You can now use the command to drain all of the energy out of that person. When anyone is attacked, it is permissable to run a counterattack, even for Light Beings/Right-spinners. You choose how hard you want to counterattack.

OK. Here is what else you can do now. You probably already have a “Shield” up; if not put one up. This Shield can be made much stronger using the new energies. Program your  shield to prevent Energy Vampires/Suckers from hiding behind their Cloaks. Be sure to program your Shield to keep insects (mosquitoes, roaches, ants, termites, etc.) out of your living area. Include rats and mice as well. Shield your house/apartment/cabin, your vehicles, and all of your bank, credit card, and other accounts. If water leaking is an issue, you can shield against that as well. In the new year, you can also shield against cold temperatures; everything in your shield will be termperature controlled (the way you like it) and the rain/snow/storm can be kept out even if you are sitting on your porch/deck (outside, but within your shield). You can adjust the size of your shield to include your entire yards if desired. No more snow shoveling. What I am saying is that you will not need heat or air conditioning in the future. This applies to Verticle Masters, Horizontal Masters, Mahatmas (Fire Beings) as well as all Earth Beings.

Your Shield can also prevent any unwanted persons from coming into your space; that include thieves, Swat Teams, and anyone do not like.

Remember, there are around 50 million of us that will have these powres. That is a small percentage of the total population; at least for now. It is OK to share our powres with our communities; reach out to those you like and respect. Weed out the Dark Assholes vigorously; especially the Cloaked ones.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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