A Gift for the World – A new Heating Device

Benjamin Franklin was a very famous man during his lifetime. One of the incredible things he did was to give one of his inventions to the world. Most of us do not know this. In his time, most buildings were made from wood and one of the most dangerous aspects of wood buildings was being destroyed by fire from lightning strikes. He invented a “Lightning Rod”; it was an iron rod grounded in the earth and extended up to the top of the building. It caught all of the lightning bolts and grounded their destructive power. We use this invention in every home/building today and don’t even know it. Lightning bolts burning down building became a thing of the past.

My gift is not so dramatic, but it could be as useful. I have come up with a new device for producing heat. It is based on the ubiquitous microwave overn. A microwave oven uses frequencies to heat up water; it uses a lot of power and traveling wave tubes to vibrate water in food or drinks to get hot. My gift will be doing something similar, but with air.

This device will target nitrogen which is a component of the air that we all breath; it is 70% of the air.

This device is a cube (Hexahedron). It has four fixed sides; top, bottom, and upright sides 1 and 3. Sides 2 and 4 have a pivot in the center that allows them to open and close slightly. The intent is to make the air (really the Nitrogen) hot by hitting it with signals (frequencies) from transmitters in the top, bottom, and two sides. These signals are all very low power and employ different frequencies and timing to excite the Nitrogen to get hot. This makes the air hot in turn.

As the air gets hot, the hot air pushes against the air intake side; closing it. Simultaneously, it pushes the air exit side open to allow the hot air to escape. When the hot air is going/gone, the cold air intake side opens and the cycle begins again. It is a very simple concept and requires a relatively simple microchip to provide the correct timing and sequencing of the frequencies. This microchip will also be used as a thermostat; the hot air produced can be set as low as 120℉ and as high as 150℉. Either way, the heating cube will not get too hot to be a fire danger, but it should be used away from combustables (on a trivit or ceramic holder) for safety. It should be operated on the floor; that is where the cold air is.

This is not a microwave oven, the frequencies used are all very low power; their combination and sequencing make the Nitrogen hot (but not too hot). This is an astounding claim; this device can be powered using wall sockets, but it is designed to use commercial batteries as its primary DC power source (just like your phones and PCs). With three 9-volt or 4 AA batteries, this heating device will run continuously for 3-4 months. If it runs out, put more batteries in. The batteries will only kick in after a power outage.

This device will come in two sizes; a 12-inch cube and an 18-inch cube. The 12-inch device will heat an average room with a 100 square foot space. The 18-inch cube will heat an entire small apartment with the interior doors open. This will be a great heating device for sheds, barns, cabins, boats, and tents. There is no carbon being comusted. This is a zero emissions device. There are no issues with Carbon Monoxide or Carbon Dioxide.

This new heating device is an invention of the new Agurian energies; so there is some Majik in the mix. This heating device will be created and stored in a form similar to digital storage. This storage vault will be accessible by everyone who has been able to put themSelves into the Hexahedron (Cube) or transformed themSelves into Earth Beings.  See Transform YourSelf – Guided Meditation

Effective on January 1st, 2023, Earth Beings will be able to replicate these devices and teleport/transport them to a mental destination. Yes, we will not need a factory, warehouses, or a fleet of trucks. It may take a while for all of the Earth Beings to figure everything out, but it should not take long.

We are all experiencing an energy crises and are looking for some other way to heat our spaces. This is a gift from Spirit to all of us. Welcome to the new Majikal Age.

All Earth Beings will be getting Majikal powres in the new year; some will get more than others, but all will be able to teleport things and replicate things stored in this new format. What kinds of things? Think food, water, fuel, seeds, feed, tools, stacks of dry wood, tents/building materials, these heating devices and other new inventions. Add in frozen food and vehicles/tractors/boats, Our world will soon be a very different place.

Advanced Fire Beings on the New Being path will also be getting wonderful new powres like starting fires mentally, germinating plants, purifying water, and finding water for a well. Many more powres will be discovered along the way. All beings on the New Path will be able to erect shields that prevent unwanted people, animals or natural occurances (storms, floods, locusts, etc.). For the bandits of the future, it will be more difficult. Many of these shields will be the “Return to Sender” type that has a bullet (or any projectile) fired come back on the person pulling the trigger, even remotely.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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