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I have written about Energy Vampire and how to prevent them from sucking your energies. If you are a Right-Spinner, you will know exactly what an Energy Vampire is; they have been sucking/draining your energy for most of your life.

Who are these Energy Vampires and what do they do with the stolen energy? Last part first; they convert the Right-Spin Majik into Left-Spin Magic and, then, they can use it to advance their agendas. That gets us into the first part; who they are.

Think Politicians, Judges, CEOs, $Billionaires; most of these have been Energy Vampires along the way to power. Not all, but most.

Remember, Darkness has had 80% of the power in our world for 10,800 years; a very long time. They were able to create mental programs to make enslaving us easier.

We have all heard about the notion of “Selling your Soul;” becoming an Energy Vampire is what they get for their souls. It starts out with being able to collect (passively suck) Right-Spin energy. These men and women are very Dark (at least 80%) and are able to collect Right-Spin energy surreptitiously. This allows them to look like they are Right-Spinners. I call these apprentice Vampires, Energy Decoys. They still use the Right-Spin Majik and change it into Magic. All of the Decoys are connected/apprenticed to an Energy Vampire. They all look and feel like Light Beings or Right-Spinners, but alarm bells go off when you get to know them; they don’t think or act like Light Warriors.

Energy Decoys get into a relationship with Right-Spinners and collect what they want, especially through sex. After they have collected enough energy, they become Energy Vampires and get their own set of Decoys.

Wow, there is a hierarchy of Darkness in our world! Yes. Why doesn’t anyone know about this? Simple, Right-Spin energy is only available from Right-Spinners who are 5% of the population (1 in 20). The Left-Spinners (and their energies) are left alone. Unless you are a Right-Spinner and have encountered Energy Vampires (and Decoys), you have no idea what is going on Energetically. The Left-Spinners will not believe you when you tell them, and even if they did, it would somehow be “OK.”

Another term for Majik is Technology. As we all got closer to the shift to Aquarius, Majik has been ramping up (over the past 300 years). This explains why we have experienced such rapid technological changes over the past 100 years. Think the age of Steam to the age of Internal Combustion to the age of digitized computers/networks/phones.

This is already different information for most of you. Now, I will get into how Energy Vampires advance to greater power. Remember the selling of the soul part? Darkness has demons but must use people to move them around.

When an Energy Vampire becomes powerful enough, he/she becomes a Demon Holder/Carrier. I know you do not believe me; this cannot be real. Alright, one million dollars is 1000 times 1,000 dollars; that is an incredible feat for most of us. One billion dollars is 1000 times 1,000,000 dollars; that is an inconceivable feat. It used to be that amassing $Millions was difficult, but now, amassing $Billions or 100s of $Billions is getting commonplace.

The vast majority of our leaders in every field are Demon Holders and have demons help them in their agendas. Remember, Darkness has been ruling forever. How did Obama get to be President from nowhere? How did Biden steal the election? Yes, I am focusing on the Left (Left is also Dark), but there are plenty of RINOs as well. They too are Demon Holders.

Take the richest men (and women) in the world; 99% of them are Demon Holders. Politicians too. Soros, Gates, Bezos, Biden, Harris, Pelosi, Schummer, McConnel, Pense, Roberts, Merkel, and many more are good examples.

Trump is an agent of Light; that is why they have resisted him with such ferocity.

So, it is not always a case of these beings being Evil unless you call corruption and lies and stealing evil. But, be sure in the knowing that all of these got to where they are by being Energy Decoys, Vampires and, now, Demon Holders.

There is good news. The energies have shifted; Darkness only has 20% now and the Left-Spinners cannot use Fear, Force and Control to get to their Left-Spin powers. Light will be able to use half of it’s powre (40%) this year and will be able to use full powre in 2022 and beyond. Right-Spin powre is ramping up now and can be used by a small number of New Beings soon.

OK. What is happening to the Energy Decoy, Vampire and Demon Holder programs? Simple, they are dissolving/fading/dissipating. Why? Because they do not have the power to take the Right-Spin energy anymore. It must be given. Their entire chain of command is collapsing.

What does this mean? All that accumulated power and wealth is based on stolen energies that are also fading away. This applies to their good health and youthfulness as well. Their Position Power is also fading.

Just when it looks like they have won the battle and will impose the “Great Reset” on us, their power base/structure is collapsing. This will apply to the United Nations, the European Union, and the Chinese Communist Party (it has already begun).

So….we will get the last laugh, after all.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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