In the Home Stretch

On December 22, a week ago, we entered the last year of the Transition from Pisces to Aquarius. While Darkness had 80% of the power, it stored up lots of reserves for this time; the hand-off of powre.

Sure enough, 2020 has been a very Dark year. It started off with the Worldwide Pandemic orchestrated by the World Health Organization and the Chinese Communist Party. This was not an accident of nature; it was pre-planned in every detail. The Antifa/BLM riots, making people prisoners in their homes/lockdowns, the economic hardships and the stolen elections.

The good news is that Darkness has used up all of its reserves.

Yes, the new strain bullshit is a trial balloon for more lockdowns, but the masses are saying NO. The tests have told millions of us that we had the dreaded COVID-19, but none of us died. The tests are 99% false positives as they cycle down looking for virus activity 40 times or more. Normally, for Flu tests, they only go down 7 cycles; this is pre-planned fraud. Yes, people have died, but no more than in “normal” years with “normal” Flu.

This has all been about imposing Tyranny and forcing people to give up their rights to work, worship and their pursuit of happiness. This was all a lead-in for the Great Reset where more of the same (and worse) would be imposed.

As we get closer to the end of 2020 what is happening? Finally, it looks like Brexit has happened; at least the beginning. The European Union is hanging together by a thread; Italy looks to be leaving soon, and the Netherlands and Denmark, and Hungary and Poland, and more.

My point is that Darkness has used up its reserves. It now, only has 20% of the power and cannot maintain this level of effort/success. The effort to make 2021 worse than 2020 is failing already. The vaccines are becoming a total flop; no one in their right mind would put that into their bodies. Did you read about the 35,000 US Military people who died testing an Anthrax vaccine? What about the lies on Hurd Immunity; just to get more people to take the vaccines. Their plan, for some reason, is falling apart.

There are many reasons for this failure, but the primary one is that the power of Darkness has been greatly diminished. No one knows what Trump will do, but it does not matter too much. If Biden and the Deep State get back in power; it will not go well for them. They are all on the Dark Side of the Force and, now, they are marching up a steep hill against the wind.

To put this in perspective, Light, effectively, has 80% of the powre now; Darkness had to use up its reserves by December 22nd. What does that mean? Moving forward for the next 2,150 years (at least), Light will be in charge. Yes, that means more choices (not less), more freedom (not less), more truth (not less) and a lot more movement in directions like those.

What else? Yes, more good news. Right-Spin energy is now, officially, part of the energy mix. It is no longer just Darkness and Light, but a new, equally powerful force that is characterized as being Right-Spin and Left-Spin. For now, the Left-Spinners have no way to access their Spin Powre; 100% can be used by Right-Spinners.

So, who are these Right-Spinners? We are only 1-in-20 in the population now, but that will eventually shift to 19-in-20; more and more will choose to arrive here as Right-Spinners (before birth). It is a simple dynamic, being a Right-Spinner now means that you can access the dominant powre.

What is this Right-Spin powre? Let’s call it Magic, but that is the old Dark spelling. It is Majik. During the 1000s of years of Darkness, the Dark Lords used magic extensively; they just told everyone that it did not exist. Do you really think you can become a $Billionaire without using some form of Magic/Majik? They invented the Stock Market and Derivatives to allow them to give themselves great wealth openly.

Right-Spinner people will be getting Majikal powres. Some will only have minor powres like being able to start a fire mentally or being able to move things around mentally. We have had people able to do these things forever and called them witches or warlocks. Many of them used Dark power, but the healers all used Majik.

To become a New Being and get on the path to becoming an Earth Being – Hexahedron, you must be a Right-Spinner. But, you must also be strong enough to do so. Many Right-Spinners will have hidden their powres or not developed them. That will change. Majik will be embraced and Majikal beings (all Right-Spinners) will be sought out. As Right-Spinners use their Majik, they will get stronger and can progress as New Beings.

What can these Majikal beings do? Look up Manifesting; essentially being able to create things mentally. This is something the Dark Lords used very effectively, but also hid from the rest of us. On the Home page of this site, read about Creation Days or 5/14 Days; for Fire Beings, those are the days we are allowed to create or manifest. Today, 12/29 is such a day.

Healers will become more powreful in ways that are new and different. Technology is just another word for Majik; more good stuff is coming. People will be able to envision and create things with more ease, be able to teleport things, be able to replicate things (in 3D), be able to fix/repair things (mentally). Some will be able to make things smaller or larger and/or heavier or lighter. Some will be able to charge batteries mentally and very quickly. Others will have the ability to stop and start electrical current flow (again mentally). To take this to its logical end, a bullet can be prevented from firing and a bomb/missile can be prevented from exploding or being guided. These gifted beings will be able to travel small or great distances mentally – Jumping. Many Right-Spinners will be able to tap into the energies around them and detect coming danger hours in advance.

Wrap your minds around these new capabilities for Humans (and Newmen). This is all based on the new ascendancy of Light and the emergence of Right-Spin energies into the Universe(s). Can you envision great changes coming for Humanity? For the better? Much better? Think how we grow and distribute food. How we make and distribute things/stuff. How we catch fish and share it. How we make our livings. Many changes are coming.

Darkness has had its day. They do not realize it yet, but their days of glory and riches and fear/force/control/power are over.

2021 is a “5” Year. That means that every day in the year is a creation day. It is also the first year that Right-Spin powre can be used effectively. Be joyous in your creating and uses of Majik.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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