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We are in the last throws of Darkness being in-charge of our world. They think they are still in charge and that is not going to change. This is how it’s always been and there is no reason for it to change now.

To help us all understand how Darkness works, I am going to describe the rank structure of the Dark Forces. Yes, it is kind of a military rank structure.

Energy Decoys I have written about Energy Decoys; this is the lowest rank of the Dark Officers. They must have enough Darkness in them (at least 85%) to begin advancing. They are kind of apprenticed to an Energy Vampire. They begin sucking/stealing energy from Right-Spinners but in a passive, low volume manner. They do not want to alarm their prey. Even though they are strong in Darkness, they look like they are Right-Spinners; they camouflage or cloak themselves in Light/Right-Spin energies. Gradually, over time, they take more and more energy and become an Energy Vampire. Energy Vampires are active energy suckers; they can drain the energy out of an unprotected Right-Spinner in seconds.

Energy Vampires Decoys and Vampires can be of either sex. There are many Light or Right-Spin people out there. Frequently, Energy Vampires put themselves into positions as bosses, particularly bosses interviewing new help. They identify the strong Light/Right-Spinners and send them to their fellow Vampires. We must understand that we stick out like a sore thumb; we are like a lighthouse on a dark stormy night. The Decoys and Vampires can see us, identify our strength and target us easily. You may think you have picked up an attractive mate for the night, but it is you who have been picked up. Sex is a great way to suck powerful energies.

Remember, 85% of the people on Earth are 60% or more of Darkness. They do not even know there is such as thing as a Decoy or Vampire or higher. So, the very idea that an Energy Vampire exists is not believed by the general public. It is certainly not part of the public discourse. And yet, the concept of a Vampire caught the public eye, why?

Energy Vampires get more and more stolen energy; this gives them a kind of Magic that they use for more money, sex, and power. They use this Magic for advancement along their paths. Many Corporate Vice Presidents are still energy vampires. After they have moved up the scale to 90%, Energy Vampires become the next higher rank – Demon Holder.

Demon Holder Wow, Demons really exist? Yes, but they need a Human host to move around. When an Energy Vampire become strong enough, they are given a Demon. The Demon takes over and begins guiding their host to do more and more work for Darkness. Who are these Demon Holders? Corporate Presidents/CEOs/University Presidents/Senators/Governors and the like; all very senior leaders in our world.

Worshiper As this Dark being gets stronger and stronger, he/she gets more (and stronger) Demons. At some point, these Dark beings are invited into the Dark Temple to be a Worshiper. It is a signal that you have arrived; you have been noticed and rewarded by Darkness. Who are these people? The $Billionaires, Supreme Court Justices, leaders of the House/Senate, CEOs, the most senior bureaucrats, and the like. The next rank is the highest.

Priest and Priestesses All along this path, Darkness is watching and evaluating. It knows what strengths and weaknesses are present. It has been able to give great wealth, privilege, and power. From the ranks of Worshiper, Darkness promotes Priests and Priestesses. We have all heard their names in the Media many times.

Now, you know why our world is so very DARK. Darkness has been in-charge for more than 10,000 years.

OK. If 85% of the people are oriented towards the Dark, how does that work? Do they have some kind of marker? Can we call most of the people on Earth, the Dark Seed? Yes. What percent of the people are Light Seed? 12.5% or 1-in-8 are Light Seed.

Wow, there is an 85% chance that you will marry and have kids with a person of Dark Seed lineage. Yes, if both parties are Dark Seed, their children will be Dark Seed. If both are Light Seed, their children will be Light Seed. If there is one of each, it becomes a matter of chance. Say in a one-of-each union, there are 3 kids; there will be at least one Light Seed child, but possibly all three. Families can be a mix of both Light and Dark Seed members. Do you ever wonder how you are so different from your siblings or a parent.

Here’s the thing. Light Seed and Dark Seed are wired differently. This is not a software or firmware change; it is a hardware change. Is it any wonder that people on the Left do not understand people on the right or vice versa. The amazing thing is that the divide seems to be 50/50. Why is that?\

In 2021, we are in the last year of transition from the Age of Pisces. Darkness had a significant reserve of power that it used in 2020 to steal the election and cover it up. Result? Biden is President of the US. Now, in the new year, Darkness only has 20% of the power. Light also got 20% in January, but will get additional blocks of powre (20% each) in February, March, and April. How Light can use that 80% to 20% in 2021 remains to be seen. In 2022, Light will have the full use of its 80% unencumbered.

Darkness looks like it has won the war, but only won a battle. It lost on Brexit which was a hard-fought battle. Darkness does not have any reserves left and cannot hold all of its positions. The Chinese take-over of the world is not happening. The Great Reset/Global Lockdown is not happening. Too many people know that Biden stole the election and is NOT legitimate. The take-over by the Deep State/Big Government is now being resisted by many states. The failure by the Judiciary has fundamentally destroyed the trust in that institution.

This is not just happening in the US; Europe is exploding in protests against the Great Reset lock-downs. France, Italy, the Netherlands, Denmark, Spain and, even, Germany may leaved the Euro and/or the EU. The Germans have already printed their Marks again.

My point is that the old world where Darkness controlled everything has ended. Big changes are coming. What they are is unclear, but things will get better for everyone soon.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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