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Yes, this is the final year of transition from Darkness Dominance to Light Dominance. And yet, it looks like Darkness has taken over the United States.

I have berating Spirit for allowing this to happen. Why? Is Light an incompetent? Does Light not have the power to intervene?

Here’s what I got as an explanation. New information. On January 1st, this year, both Darkness and Light got a 20% allocation of power/powre. So for January, they were still equal. On February 1st, tomorrow, Light will get an additional 20%. On March 1st and April 1st, Light will be getting the rest of her 80% allocation of powre.

This is a new powre sharing agreement that was imposed on both Darkness and Light. Light will be able to use the additional powre immediately. By April 1st, Light will have its full allocation of 80%. Starting tomorrow, things are not going to go well for Darkness.

Actually, just like the blatant election steal, the Dark Assholes think that they can do whatever they want “out-in-the-open.” Look at what they tried to do to Gamestop, another big steal? It didn’t turn out so well, did it?

The Third Force has also been held up; it got it’s 20% on January 1st, but was sidelined as it was also co-equal with Darkness and Light. It, too, will be receiving additional 20% increments of power/powre in February, March, April, and May; 100% by May 1st.

This 3rd Force can be used in either direction; it can be Left-Spin or Right-Spin. Having said that, there is a huge imbalance in our world after Darkness being in-charge (80%) for 1000s of years; the 3rd Force will be Right-Spin for many 1000s of years to come.

OK. What the hell does this mean? This is technocrat gibberish.

2021 started out equal but will end very unequal. I have written about energy capsules. Each day, week, month, year, decade, century and millennium have their own different energies. For us, the important ones are the months and years. 2021 is the last transition year. 2022 is the beginning of Aquarian rule (rules) for the next 2,151 years; an Age.

With both Light and Spin (3rd Force) teaming up against it, Darkness has seen the last of its glory days for a while; a long while.

Just as they overplayed their hands on Gamestop, they will overplay their hands in many things. They think they can impose the Great Reset but they have literally run out of time and power. The world will have a ringside seat as they tie themselves into pretzels telling us how “wonderful” it will be to give them ALL of the power; you will very happy owning nothing and being totally dependent on their handouts. Never mind individual right; that passe. It’s the collective baby; we’ve all gotta be Safe and to do so, we have to give up everything (all of our Rights).

Not sure what the Plan is, but the Exposure of the Cabal is being displayed to all (who would look).

Be of good cheer. Not sure what is going to happen or when, but when you are in a fight and it is 9-to-1 against you, be prepared for a drubbing.

Happy Right-Spinning,


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