More on Powre words to be careful of

I have written about powre words like money and house and lover. Today, I will write about (powre word) words to be careful of.

I am going to hit you where your stomach is. Honey is a wonderful substance; it is a food and a way of healing. Honey is OK; it cuts both ways. What about wheat or pasta or bread?  What about sugar/sucre?

All of these are very powerful dark foods that have found their way into most of us. Bread is the “staff” of life. Pasta is one of our favorite meals. Same for Pizza. Sugar is the worst. Maybe, sryup (as in High Fructose Corn Sryup) is the worst. But wheat, any kind of wheat is right up there with sugar and sryup. Why? Because it turns directly into glucose in about 20 minutes.

I am not a doctor; this information is coming from a Spiritual source. Sugar, HFC sryup, wheat (flour, bread, pasta, pizza, gravy (made with flour) are all highly toxic to the Human body. What happens? They all become glucose quickly. What does the body do when glucose is present? It makes insulin to allow the glucose to be processed (as a food) by our cells.

So, Insulin is a way of treating a poison from our food. What is diabetes? It is one form or another of insulin resistance and, most likely, a fatty liver (two power words).

OK. I am coming down hard on sugar and wheat. They are both very powerful foods that we grow everywhere and goes into many, many of our foods. Add corn  to the list.

It looks as if I am singling out starches; no, rice and potatoes are on the good list. Or relatively good list; they turn into glucose as well, but a glucose that has positive or right-spin energies. Whereas, wheat, corn and sugar are all very strong in dark or left-spin energies; they are acutally poisons to our bodies.

We have all heard (another 5 letter word) about sugar not being good for our teeth (5LW) and gumbs (5LW). Yes, this is by design.  We put sugar in everything. It is in our pastries, our bread, our pizza, our breadfast cereals, our yoghurts, our sodas, our fruit juices. Do you know that a glass of orange juice (5LW) has 28 grams of fructose which is more than the sugar in a can of Coke. Same for that Yoplait.

Sugar, all kinds of sugar, is the enemy (5LW). How about Berry (5LW) ? Yes, good energy; eat as many berries as you like; they are like rice and potatoes in being a good form of sweet (5LW) -ness.

The Roman elites (5LW) actually wrote about using wheat to control the masses. Perhaps, our elites today are still using it to control many of us.

Good news, there are good energy sugar substitutes out there; stevia, monk fruit and others. The body does not produce insulin to fight them; they are not poisonous.

My point today is to bring your attention to the power of these 5LWs in our lives. They are everywhere and impact us all in many ways, especially in what we eat. Steak (5LW) is a good form of energy and so is vegan (5LW).

Having said the above (5LW), when I can get a great (5LW) croissant (50% butter/flour), I enjoyy the hell out of it. Here is another piece (5LW) of the puzzle; traditionally bread was eaten (5LW) with butter. Again, according to my source, when we eat flour with fat, the body can process it as fat; not glucose. That is why we put butter on our pancakes (and the sryup) BTW, Maple (5LW) sryup is a good energy choice.  Eggs (Omlet 5LW) are another great energy choice. Below is another 5LW.

So, just as we can be oriented towards darkness or light, we can be oriented towards sugar/wheat or dairy cream (5LWs), omlets or steak. Our world is full of darkness and light, but darkness has been in charge for so long. Most of us do not realize that many of the ways that we have inherited from our forefathers are on the dark side of the force (5LW). Many are also of the Light side as well. We must pay more attention to these (5LW) words (5LW) of power/powre (5LW); they have a much greater impact on us than we know.

What did darkness do to us? It convinced us that fat was bad. What did that do? It pushed us all towards a high carb, low fat diet for the past 50 years. What is a carb? Sugar and wheat; just poison.  That is the basis for the worldwide explosion in diabetes; all those carbs got turned into out-of-control blood (5LW) sugar (5LW). Think using almond flour instead of wheat. Think about Keto as an approach. Think is a 5LW.

Be more aware (another 5LW). There is Majik or Magic all around us; most of us are a sleep (another 5LW). Don’t make a sound or he may awake. See, I’m having fun with this.

Love, Light and Laughter,



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