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For readers of this blog, we know there are two kinds of Magic/Majik. Magic is the dark (or Left-Spin) and Majik is the light (or Right-Spin) version.

I come from a long line of engineers on my father’s side and am a user of Majik. On my mother’s side, there is a long line of witchy women. So, I am both a Wizard and a Witch.  What I am saying is there is a distinction between kinds of Magic/Majik.

We all know brilliant people who have 800 Sat scores in math and english and higher in achievement tests. These people gravitate to our best universities. Keeping in mind that Darkness has ruled for so long, most of these people are strong in Dark Magic, but  of the kind that we call technology or science. That applies, to all kinds of engineers; there are engineers of  Magic (Dark) and also Majik (Light).

I can’t say that all of the engineers in my family have been  of the Light (Majik), but this kind of Magic/Majik has been passed down.  My mother’s (and grandmother’s) kind of majik was strong, but not oriented towards science or technology; maybe more towards understanding people and why they do things. Even though I did not notice it, also towards blessings, curses, and spells. Just think, birth, house and cloth and clean and clear (up) are all powre words that have been, traditionally, in the feminine domain. This may change or not.

My point is that technology (and science) can be of the Light, but also of the Darkness. Think of all the advancements in technology that have come from fighting wars, but were incebibly useful after the war. Today, we hear “Trust the Science” and many of us know there is a very dark agenda behind that.

So, now I know that I am both a Wizard (technology) and a Witch of the Light.

I am fortunate with having forebearers with both of these talents/powers. Many of you will have one or the other. Perhaps, you can flip the switch on for both when we all get our powres (think Aquarian energies in 2022).

Won”t it be great to make changes internally by going within and sliding a property from no/off to yes/on (or the reverse).

Here’s a thought. What if we have two feeds of energy coming at us (all the time)? What if we have a source of Positive and Negative energies that can be separately controlled?

Wow, you mean that we can have the negative flow on high and the positive flow on low? Or the reverse? Yes. Some of us will have a middle of the road flow for both. But, if you’ve ever wondered why so much negativity has been coming at you? This may be an answer.

Closing down the negative flow to 5% and increasing the positive flow to 100% would be a wonderful thing. What I did was to close down the negative flow to 2%  and increase the positive flow to 100%. I then took 2% from the positive side and plugged up the negative. You can do this, but not all by yourSelf. Use the head nod and shake to talk to your Spirit Guide. Ask whether you (together) can do this? When you get a Yes, say “Do it” and then, “Apply.” I am not sure how long I can plug up the negative, but it was a way to “get even” a bit.

This is a form of energy work and we tend to think that changes are like turning on a light switch; instant gratification. Not. Just imagine that your positive energy flows have been reduced to nearly zero for decades (or even your entire life). For me, there were certain ways that I could make money; only those ways. There have been many other blocks/limitations. The arrival of positive SetUps may take up to a month. It could be sooner, but it is like a supertanker turning around and going 180° back to where it came from. That turn around can take 25 miles to complete. However long it takes, it is worth doing. Wait a few days, ask if the positive flow of energy has begun. Ask when you will be receiving the positive energy (Positive SetUps). Do not be upset if it takes a while. Be patient, this is a good change that will be with you for a long time.

To recap, there are Sorcerers/Soceresses in both Witchy and Technology/Science Magic/Majik. The Dark has been in charge for 1000s of years. Much of our technologies are there to control us (Darkness); that is about to change. As early as next month, September, Majik will begin to take charge.

We may all see many dramatic changes between now and New Years.

As always, have fun with you Majik.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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