More on Sugar as POISON

It is now well documented in Diabetes circles that sugar is the primary fuel for inflammation.  Think about that.  If you have an open sore, the inflammation present is being fueled by that sugar you had in your coffee (really all of the sugar you have been eating for years).

In yesterdays post, I spoke about being on a Ketogenic way of life now.  I was a sugar addict and have built up lots of sugar-fat around my middle over the years.  I have learned that sugar gets stored in the liver and this is sometimes an issue.  I have also learned that sugar can be stored in our skin.  If you have rough skin or skin with “blisters” or bumps on it; that is probably stored sugar.  I know, it is very hard to get rid of.

Remember, inflammation is fueled by sugar.  Where does sugar come from? Processed sugar from cane or beets or corn (high fructose syrup) are the easy answer, but also from wheat (bread/pasta/crackers/cookies/etc.), potatoes and rice.

Do you know that one of the best ways to kill a cancer cell in a lab is to deprive it/them of sugar. This whole sugar thing is a giant lie by Darkness.  The Medicos have all learned that carbohydrates are good and that we should all eat many serving of carbs per day.  At the same time, they tell us to stay away from the fat.  Diabetes is an out-of-control sugar disease that they give us expensive meds for or have us shoot up with Insulin.  But, do they tell to stop eating carbohydrates? Not many. Again, carbohydrates  are mostly found in sugar, wheat, potatoes and rice. Stop eating these foods.

Do you know that it is the sugar in all of us that is making our bodies acidic?  A pH neutral body has a pH of 6.5; below 6 is acidic and above 7 is alkaline.  Sugar drags many of us down into the low 5s and even into the 4s.  OK. So what?  Every cancer patient is acidic.  Cancer cannot grow in an alkaline body. Most diseases cannot thrive in an alkaline body and begin to whither away/disappear.

All right, how does one go about getting rid of all of this poisonous sugar? Shift to eating a lot of fat (good oils, butter, cheese, cream, sour cream, high fat yogurt, ice cream made with Stevia, meats with lots of fat, eggs, oily fish, etc.).  Try to keep the protein to 25% and the carbs to no more than 5%.

What happens after about a month is that your body realizes that you have made a fundamental shift in your food processing.  Instead of the protein being made into sugar, it begins to be made into Ketones/Fat instead.  Soon, all of the protein is transformed into Ketones/Fat. Your body, which still thinks it is addicted to sugar, goes looking for stored sugar to put into the blood stream.  It finds it in your stored sugar-fat around your middle, in your liver and in your skin.

Stay with the new way of eating and force your body to burn up all of the stored sugar.  Don’t feed it any additional carbohydrates that you can avoid.

What happens? All of a sudden, with the sugar going or gone, your inflammation disappears as well.  Your pH value goes up to 7.5 or even 8.  The hardened skin and blemishes (which are sugar), start to disappear as well; they are forms of inflammation being fed by sugar reservoirs on/in your skin (brown/red spots, bumps, patches, lines).

This has all happened to me.  This is my experience and I am sharing it because it may be of value to you.

Sugar = Inflammation = Infection = Bad Complications

Sugar = Long Term Inflammation = Cancer

Sugar is POISON and should be avoided completely.

Ketones/Fat is the best thing for all of us to eat over the long term. Even when we are eating all of those carbs, the sugar must be converted into Ketones to feed the brain. Try to minimize the sugar and go straight for Ketone production.

If you want to make yourself more alkaline now, consider taking a small amount of baking soda (bi-carbonate of soda) in water, two or three times a day.  Check your pH level with strips found in any drug store. 7.5 is a good target. Take it easy, it is not a race.

Love, Light and Laughter,




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