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Esoteric is a word that describes hidden things that are in plain sight. The 14 Creation Number is a great example.

The Creation Number is 14 or 5; anytime you see a 5, it is really the 14 Creation Number.

A couple of posts ago, I told you that the power shift was occurring in increments of 5%; that is the Creation Number at work.

Think about the importance of the number 5 and 14 in our lives.  There are five work days in a week. There is 14 days in a fortnight or a typical vacation.  Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit; the 3+2=5 which is a 14 Creation Number.  Water changing state to a solid is a new creation. What about boiling water? It is a change in state as well; it boils at 212 degrees Fahrenheit. Again, 2+1+2=5 which is a 14 Creation Number.

OK. Let’s look at the Human body. We have a torso and two arms and two legs; there’s that five again. We have hands that have a thumb and four fingers and feet that have a big toe and four little toes. Do you know that there are fourteen (14 Creation Number) bones that are used to make our fingers and toes?

Our faces have a mouth and two nostrils and two eyes.  We are born with 32 teeth.  When we have our “wisdom” teeth taken out, we are left with 14 teeth up and down.

14 is a number that is part of us in many ways and yet, it is hidden in plain sight. Most of us never notice.

Alright, what does the Creation Number do for us? Answer: All of the major religions on Earth talk about man and woman being made in the image of their creator.  This is a dis-enabling dodge. If we are the Creators Image, than we are Creators too/two.

The fancy word for creating used to be called Manifesting.  Anytime a word starts with Man…, it means using your hands as in manufacturing or manicuring. How did one manifest things, good or bad? Again, most of us do not know or care because we Create things for ourselves unconsciously (UN-CONSCIOUS-LY).  Many of us have tried pictures of things we want on the bathroom mirror or refrigerator, but mostly with mixed success.

There is a higher vibration world called the Forms World. We all live in the hard, physical world; it is the 9th world out from the One or Spirit. The Forms World is the next one in or the 8th world. The Forms World is where we Create our stuff before it can be brought into our 9th world. All of Creations are created first as vibrations, in the Forms World.

By creating things in the Forms World, we can start them, stop them, change them or even, put them on hold.  Sometimes we start a creation with the best of intent, but the creation gets turned into something we do not want. Once a creation is started, nearly no one/none of us knows how to prevent them from coming into our world.

That is where the 14 Creation Number comes in; on days that add up to 5 or 14, we can CONSCIOUSLY Create.  For example, tomorrow is March 14th; the 14 is a Creation Number Day. Every month has a 5th, 14th, 23rd and 28th (2×14); these are called single 14-days. So…On single 14-days, we can start something, change it in mid-course, delay it, cancel it or stop it or make it complete and bring it into our world.

Every month also has double-14 days and triple-14 days. April 1st is known as April Fools Day, but it is a double-14 day; 4+1=5.  Our next double 14-day is March 20th; 3+2=5. Our next triple 14-day is  March 18th; 3+1+8+2+0+1+8=23 which is a 5.   2018 adds up to a 2; 3/18/2 is also 3/9/2 which is 14. Every month has 3-4 double- and triple 14-days. In a given years, around 30 percent of the days are 14 Creation Days. That means that we can CONSCIOUSLY or unConsciously  create in 3 out of 10 days.

Single 14-days are great for money and things creations. Double 14-days are great for relationships; weddings, partnerships, joining an organization, getting a job. Triple-14 days should be used for complex things and relationships. Double and Triple 14-days can be used for money and things and relationships as well.

In the new energy, whether it is called Aquarius or Right-Spin, many of us will have ENHANCED Creation Powers; we will still have to use the 14 Creation Days,  but there will be more gain or amplitude put into them. Perhaps, there will be more priority. I am calling this new, mental Creation tool, VISIONEERING.

The key take-away here is I want all of you to become Conscious Creators.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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