We are Entering a Mini-Ice Age now and for next 99 Years

Historically, the Earth went through a Mini- or Little Ice Age between the years 1646 and 1715. What does that mean? Food production from growing crops was cut to about 30 percent and a lot of people were not able to get enough food for proper growth, disease control and just plain starvation.  During the last Mini-Ice Age, the European civilization experienced several bouts of the Black Death or Bubonic Plague; the rodents moved right into the houses looking for any food they could get.

Oddly enough, 1715  is the earliest date for the beginning of the Industrial Revolution. Spirit always gives after it takes away.

Unfortunately, we are now entering a 99-year Mini-Ice Age. This year is a very odd year weather-wise. We will have an unusually cool spring and summer and fall. Many states above the Mason-Dixon Line will have snow in August. In Europe, most of France and countries north will experience these cold summers as well.

This year, it will be treated as an anomaly, but next year the farmers will have to plant winter wheat in the spring. The growing belt in the US and Europe will have to be moved much further south; the American South and Spain and Italy will become the new “bread” baskets.

The climate will change as well.  The Jet Stream will come further south and carry a lot more water into the American Southwest; the deserts will bloom and yes, food crops can be grown there. In Mexico, the Sonora Desert, which is huge, will also be better watered and will become a food production area.

New technologies may enable our current farmers to keep growing crops, but it will have to be done under an energy dome that keeps the crops from getting too cold.

Many of the great US and European cities will become too cold to live in and there will be mass migrations to warmer climes.

This Mini-Ice Age will also impact China and Japan, India, the Middle East, Southern Africa, Argentina and the Southern parts of New Zealand and Australia.

I have held off posting this as I hoped it was not true; but…….. it is happening.

Love, Light and Laughter,


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