My Timing was Off, BUT…

I get a lot of interesting information from my chats with Spirit and share what I can with you all. But, these chats are a two-way dialogue/conversation and Spirit is always asking me what I think about things here in the world.

Spirit operates at a Macro or Big Picture Level and let’s the details sort themselves out. Prayer is useful for elevating those details for a more positive outcome.

One of my concerns that I have shared with Spirit is the inadequate approach to removing “bad” actors before they screw things up further. Yes, Light is “sweeping” and will find and correct Dark things and people as it finds them.

I wanted to focus Light to get more Dark Assholes and came up with a requirement for doing “Deep” Sweeps as of April 1st, but I have already written about those. They were not enough; there are too many people who are in positions of power who need to be gotten rid of.

Who are these people? The leaders of Iran, ISIS, the Wahhabists, Al Qaeda and all of the related terrorist groups are the obvious types; all of these Dark Assholes need to be gone as soon as possible (ASAP). Other obvious types include many of our Dark Leaders in Washington, DC.

I am not saying that I have the power to kill people or send them home to Spirit early. I am saying that I have the ability to nominate these people for Spirit’s consideration/judgement; I am sorta operating like a Prosecutor for the ultimate Judicial System. Guess what?, you too, may have this ability.

So… Who am I prosecuting? Who are these really Dark Assholes?

In order, but not necessarily in timing.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

John Boehner

Joe Biden

Barack Obama (aka Obozo)

Hillary Clinton

Harry Reid

Nancy Pelosi

George Soros

A bunch of other Senators, Congressmen, Political Appointees, Staffers, Lobbyists, Generals, Bureaucrats and Labor Leaders.

Here’s the plan. The current Speaker of the House dies, suddenly and is replaced by a Right-Spinning/Light Speaker of the House. Joe Biden dies suddenly and, then Obozo dies suddenly. The new Speaker of the House becomes the new President of the US and Light has taken over with little fuss.

Hey, this is just a Wish List from a Right-Spinning, Right-Thinking Being of the Light. This is not a threat against their lives; I just wish that they would all leave/die early as it would make the world a better place. Is it Okay if I am saying that I wish you were dead without any further action?

Love, Light and Laughter,


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